How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime

How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

Amazon Prime is now available for most smartphones, including the Amazon Fire Tablet, Samsung Tablets iPads, iPhones and iPads. This allows customers to set up multiple profiles, and customize their choice.

  • Amazon Prime customers often wonder about the number of profiles that they can create, as well as how many devices are allowed to use one Amazon Prime account. You might also be curious about how many profiles you can create on Amazon Prime and what devices are allowed to use the account at once. Keep reading for my answers!
  • How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

    Amazon Prime: What Number of Devices Will You Be able to Use in 2022

    Amazon has made it possible to connect three devices simultaneously to the same Amazon Prime account as of 2022. Three people can stream Amazon Prime simultaneously but only two of them can view the same Prime video at the time. Additionally, customers can create up to 6 profiles on Amazon Prime, giving every household member their own profile.

  • If you’d like to learn more about how many users can watch Amazon Prime at once, if you can share your Prime account with others outside your household, and more, keep reading for more information!
  • Amazon Prime Accounts that can be shared

    Amazon members can share Prime accounts with their family members or trusted friends.

    Prime members also have the ability to share login information with friends and family, as well as creating a profile that allows them build their own movie and television lists.

    However, customers are recommended to only share their Amazon account with a person who they can trust with delicate information, such as their account password.

    Therefore, it is recommended that accounts be shared only with members of the household and with trusted friends (ex. You can share your accounts with your best friend, significant other or partner.

    How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

    Amazon Prime: Can you Have More Users?

    Amazon currently allows three or more people to log into one Amazon Prime Video account simultaneously. All three can stream movies and TV shows at the same time.

    Prime Video members are only allowed to watch one video simultaneously.

    However, the stream can be viewed simultaneously by all three users and devices.

    Amazon Prime members can create as many as 6 profiles per account. This is a great option for families with more than one device.

    Is it possible to watch the same Prime video on two devices simultaneously?

    Amazon Prime Video Members can have as many as three devices connected to the internet and streaming simultaneously, but only two devices are allowed to stream exactly the same video simultaneously.

    Amazon did not specify why this limitation was placed, however it seems reasonable that two people could be streaming the same video on the same device simultaneously.

    Friends and families who want to see a movie on Amazon Prime with each other are advised to do so from different accounts to prevent any problems.

    How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

    Are You able to Share Amazon Prime with Different Addresses

    Amazon Prime accounts can also be shared among family and friends, provided that customers share their login details.

    Prime Video users are strongly advised to keep their login details private in order to prevent identity theft and fraudulent charges.

    Even if Prime Members still want to share their account, it’s best to do so with a trusted friend or relative.

    Prime Members should make sure that they have conditions when sharing their accounts. This could include requiring their friend/family to log out every time they access it and not saving the login details to the Prime app.

    How do you add someone to an Amazon Prime account?

    There are two main ways Prime Members can add other users to their Prime account.

    Another way is to create a profile of them in their account, and then sharing login information.

    Install Amazon Household to allow families to share their Prime Account with their Amazon accounts holders.

    To use Amazon Household all members must have Amazon accounts. Each member must log in to Amazon Household and add the account holder.

    Amazon Household customers are reminded that Amazon Household was designed for parents as well as their children. You can add your child to the list or add them as a teenager.

    Members must grant access to their Amazon Prime accounts to allow them to share their account.

    How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

    It is safe to share an Amazon Prime Video account?

    Sharing an Amazon Prime Video account comes with a level of risk. Customer must provide their login information in order to share Prime Accounts with others.

    A Prime Account shared can expose customers to fraudulent charges and identity theft. The other user may delete the account or give unauthorized access.

    Customers are advised to not share Amazon Prime accounts outside of the household.

    However, it is possible to protect your account by sharing it with trusted friends and family.

  • For them to keep their password secret, they must log in to the device of a friend.
  • Ensuring their friend logs out of the account every time they finish using it
  • Asking them not to save the login information on the app, and only sharing it when the account holder is present and can enter the login information themself
  • Amazon Prime Supported Devices

    Amazon Prime Video is supported on a variety of devices. The following are the current ways customers can view Prime Video:

  • iOS Devices (iPhones, iPads etc)
  • Android Devices
  • Tablets
  • Amazon Fire Tablets (all Generations)
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Chromebook
  • Smart TV
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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon allows up to three users of the Amazon Prime Video Account simultaneously.

    However, the video may only be streamed on one of the devices, while another device can stream a series or movie.

    .How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

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