Petsmart Fish Return Policy 2022

Petsmart Fish Return Policy 2022 (Dead, Sick, Unwanted Fish)

PetSmart stocks a range of fish including platys and angelfish as well as minnows and sharks.

  • PetSmart does offer a fish refund and return policy if your fish becomes sick, or you die. Here is what I’ve found out about it!
  • PetSmart Fish Return Policy In 2022
  • PetSmart now allows pet owners to exchange and return their fish in 14 days. You can also return unwanted or sick fish to PetSmart by returning them in an enclosed container with a copy of the receipt and valid ID.

  • Keep reading to discover if you have the right to return sick or dead fish to PetSmart and what process to follow to get a refund.
  • PetSmart Fish Return Policy 2022 (Dead, Sick, Unwanted Fish)

    Do You Have the Right to Return a Sick Fish to PetSmart

    PetSmart permits sick fish returns to its stores. But the fish must be clearly visible or diagnosed by a vet to be eligible.

    In addition, the customer must return it within 14 calendar days of their initial purchase.

    PetSmart will still consider your case if you’re outside of the 14-day return period.

    Please note that staff have full discretion to accept or reject a return.

    PetSmart offers the possibility to exchange sick fish in exchange for other fish

    Exchange a sick fish with another one only if you do it within the first 14 days and have your original receipt.

    PetSmart gives you two options: a refund and an exchange. For a replacement fish, PetSmart will ask you for one.

    PetSmart Fish Return Policy 2022 (Dead, Sick, Unwanted Fish)

    How Do You Return A Sick Fish To PetSmart?

    PetSmart will allow you to physically bring a sick fish into the store.

    This is best done by placing fish in a container. It is best to avoid tap water, as it could cause damage and possibly even death for the fish.

    You should try to minimize the time in which the fish is in this container by going straight to PetSmart to make the return.

    PetSmart Can I Return a Dead Fish?

    PetSmart allows you to return dead fish within 14 days. For proof of purchase you will need to bring your original receipt.

    PetSmart staff may request water samples from your fish tank in order to determine the cause of death.

    This water is then tested for safety to be used by other fish. This is important especially if you decide to exchange the fish for another.

    PetSmart Fish Return Policy 2022 (Dead, Sick, Unwanted Fish)

    How can I return a dead fish from PetSmart?

    PetSmart requires that dead fish be returned to it.

    PetSmart staff can then transport the fish safely and conveniently and transfer them to their homes.

    After the dead fish is removed from the tank, staff will give you the container back if you want to keep it.

    PetSmart should have the receipt for your fish. It may also be worthwhile to take small samples of water from the tank in order to verify for anomalies.

    PetSmart Fish Exchange: What Do You Need?

    You will need to present the following items to exchange a fish at PetSmart:

  • How many fish would you like to swap?
  • Your receipt (or an alternative proof of purchase)
  • The photo ID must be valid
  • Small vials of fish tank water.
  • Take note of that store policies require exchanges within 14 calendar days of initial purchase.

    PetSmart Fish Return Policy 2022 (Dead, Sick, Unwanted Fish)

    How Long Do PetSmart Refunds Take?

    It will take 3-7 days to receive a PetSmart refund.

    PetSmart will send an email confirmation that your refund has been processed.

    PetSmart can accept used fish tanks back.

    PetSmart will accept returns on products like fish tanks. However, this is only allowed if they are damaged in any way.

    The company will accept all returns of new products in the original packaging, or if they have been used in a saleable condition.

    PetSmart suggests that your pet return their item as soon as possible.

    PetSmart Fish Return Policy 2022 (Dead, Sick, Unwanted Fish)

    Can You Return A Small Animal To PetSmart?

    Within 14 days after the purchase, you can bring your pet back to PetSmart.

    You will need to bring your receipt as proof of purchase and will be able to choose whether you would like an exchange or a refund.

    PetSmart will not accept the return of healthy animals, but each case is considered unique.

    PetSmart staff will help you decide if it is possible to care for the little animal.

    You might be interested in knowing where PetSmart’s animals are from, including fish, if PetSmart accepts old pets, and whether PetSmart has hedgehogs or ducks.

  • PetSmart Fish Return Policy
  • PetSmart will exchange or return your fish within 14 day of receipt. To prove your purchase, you must have the receipt. It is also advisable to take a photo identification in case of emergency.

    PetSmart accepts both live and deceased fish. To do this, you need to bring them back in a container with some water samples for analysis.

    .Petsmart Fish Return Policy 2022 (Dead, Sick, Unwanted Fish)

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