Alien 4K Review

Alien 4K Review

Alien 4K Review

Alien 4K Picture

Panavision Panaflex 35mm cameras and Panavision PSR R-200 were used for Alien. The source for this release was made from the original camera negative which was scanned at 4K resolution and then utilised for the creation of this Ultra HD Blu-ray release. The disc features a native 4K resolution image of 3840x2160p in widescreen 2.35×1 aspect ratio. On a Panasonic 65DX902B Ultra HD4K television with a Panasonic DMP–UB400 Ultra HD Bluray player, we reviewed Alien’s Region Free UK Ultra HD Bluray.

Oh my, oh my. It isn’t a surprise that this scanner has taken a different scan of the film. However, the new scan brings out the natural picture quality. The image is now simply stunning. Although detail is slightly improved, things such as skin texture (fingerprints on Ripley, fluid running down Ash’s neck, and bloodstains on Lambert’s face) look crisper, cleaner, and more defined. The Nostromo’s rooms, including the dining table, corridors and sleeping chamber, are more clearly defined.

But it is with the HDR and WCG that the real revelation is; everything has so much depth now – the red behind the corridors’ wall gratings has never looked so fine, the saturation of the lighting during the self-destruct sequence (oranges, greens and blues) as Ripley makes her escape. The lights in Ripley’s console room and her screen depths are MU-THUR. You can see the intense heat of the flame throwers or the nauseating internal parts of the face-hugger.

Add the new black levels to your masterpiece. You will be amazed at the depths of the frame and shadows that are below. These help enhance the colours. The white level is also sublime, the stasis/hypersleep chamber or Ripley’s space suit, show new details and nothing clips.

You would think that there must also be some downside to all of this. Yes, there is. The colour palette has seen a small shift, but it’s not drastic. I believe this has made things more real and the colours look even more true to life. But there is also the grain. The grain has been an integral part of the film’s look. It gives the film that organic appearance and adds to its overall look. However, the grain can sometimes take over the frame, especially in areas where it is very white like in the stasis/hypersleep room at the beginning. This makes the grain look suspiciously similar to noise. It has been this way for years, to be honest. However, UHD makes it more apparent, drawing your attention. Perhaps I am exaggerating the time it takes, but if you look at a picture this great, there is nothing to be concerned about. The image itself is flawless in all aspects and it’s not an issue.

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Alien 4K Review

Alien’s 40th Anniversary (Kuhd Blu Ray Reviews)

Alien is the title that has been on my wish list for quite some time. It will be available in 4K Ultra HD Bluray. Ever since we got Prometheus Alien: Covenant last year I felt we got shortchanged with no Alien release. It turned out they were strategizing. It’s also the 40th year anniversary of the movie. There was a reason for the delay of the film on the 4K disk format. Alright, I’ll let that fly then. What it really all boils down to is the fact that I’m ecstatic not only to have this movie in 4K now, but also to be among the first in the US with an advance review. While I will do my best and show it love, it doesn’t really need too much. The science fiction is amazing. I think the movie could be awarded a five doggie score. Now, let’s get on with the audio and video segments. But I’m not going to be the reviewer that just unboxes or declares the film good. This is my expose. Scroll down to see 2 images below if you aren’t interested. So without further ado… Circa nine years ago I was among the elite reviewers out there haven been given an opportunity to tackle that massive Alien Anthology Blu-ray boxset in 2010. Archived HERE is my entire review. To this day it’s one of my favorite sets and I have watched that Alien Blu-ray Disc every April 26th since. The 4K Disc release of the film will change everything. It will replace Blu-ray with the product. The annual Alien viewing on April 26th will now be possible in 4K Ultra HD (or until they produce an upscale 8K edition). Just like my A/V geek friends and colleagues we love to repurchase our favourite films in the most beautiful formats. This 4K disc set will suffice for now. However, I digress. This feature will be covered in another post. It’s an obligation.

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Unless your parents put you in a box in your basement for your entire life, chances are you already have some idea about the Alien creature. You can even remember having one of these toys as a child. However, you shouldn’t mess with an Alien. The highly pressurized acid they use to transport blood within their bodies is something you should be wary of if you’re lucky enough to get one. The blood of the beast will almost certainly get you! It is nearly impossible! Aliens are fast-moving hunters that can adapt to their environment and take down prey quickly, just like Predator species.

Alien, a Ridley Scott movie, stars Tom Skerritt (Sigourney Weaver), Veronica Cartwright and John Hurt. Gandalf’s Ian Holm also stars in the film. Alien, whether you like it or not set the standard for sci-fi. The effects of the film are now outdated but it’s clear that this movie revolutionized sci fi filmmaking. In 2002, the movie was inducted into the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress for historical preservation and was ranked by the American Film Institute in 2008 as the seventh-best film in the sci-fi genre. Isn’t that great? I don’t think you need me reminding you. This 4K Ultra HD Bluray Review is not for you if this film appeals to you.

Alien tells the tale of the crew of the starship Nostromo and their exploration of the planet LV-426 they stopped by unexpectedly on their way back home to Earth. This was one rude awakening. Ouch! A small group of employees investigates an alien site on LV-426. After discovering a bizarre cocoon-like egg structures in one room, Executive Officer Kane (John Hurt) falls prey to a creature that latches onto his face (also known as a facehugger). That’s when the fun really begins. This is because the alien creature actually used Kane to produce an Alien child. And in classic Alien franchise lore, that newborn Alien always violently explodes through the unsuspecting carrier’s chest.

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The Alien hatchling is very fast and soon goes on a rampage. This kills all crew members who continue to try and hunt the creature down and destroy it. Ripley, Sigourney’s character is able to help. Can she singlehandedly save the day? We don’t want you to know what the end result is, even if we already know it. LOL. Those people do exist. While I watched this, there was one fifty-plus year-old man sitting beside me. Oh okay…alright…SPOILER ALERT…Ripley blasts that beast out into the deepest regions of outer space, never to be seen again. Yeah, it is. When they make Aliens 4K, we’ll be able to see that thing again. We’ll get to that in a moment, but for now let’s discuss the main reason we’re here…this presentation’s audio-visual!

Based solely on the 4K Ultra HD Bluray presentation Fox’s Alien, I have made this video score. FYI… This film was restored in 4K at 20th Century Fox’s Company 3/Deluxe Entertainment Services Group. Ridley Scott supervised and Pam Dery performed the scans at EFilm.

Encoding: HeVC/H.265

Is Alien 4K Good?

Fox’s 4K UHD package is quite good. The 4K native picture is absolutely breathtaking in terms detail.

Is Aliens Available In 4K?

EXCLUSIVE! Alien 3 (Alien Resurrection) and Alien 3 (Alien 3), are now being remastered for Disney+ Blu-ray and 4K Bluray.

Is Top Gun In 4K Worth It?

Fan favorite flew into 4K Ultra HD with an impressive Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos presentation. … With a pair of new featurettes for fans to enjoy, the overall UHD package is recommended.May 15, 2020

Are 4K Streaming 4K True?

There was a resolution to the standards before them, but it wasn’t 4000 pixels. The resolution of 4K is actually 3840×2160 pixels, which is precisely four times larger than what the 1080p standard has. Add the 3840p and 4K together, you get what everybody refers to as 4K resolution.

.Alien 4K Review

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