Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Product description

Cut Blue has been designed to give you the best distance possible with irons and woods. It also offers lower flight for your green side and an improved control of your ball.

Date first available aEUR: February 8, 2021

Manufacturer aEUR : aEURZ Cut Golf


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Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Cut Blue Golf Balls Review – Think Twice Before you buy

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Cut golf balls are something that I’d never heard of until now and they were a great value for money. Here’s my review of the Cut Blue Golf balls. I share my honest opinions and thoughts about them after having tested them.

Only two aspects I like about these golf balls are the cost and the range. One dozen balls are less than two dollars each and a sample pack is $7. While the distance that I achieved was comparable to other balls, this was it. These felt too firm at impact and didn’t have enough forgiveness to be considered “weekend golfers”. They were also very fragile and easily knicked.

I’m not saying they’re bad golf balls or they won’t be for you but that’s my personal opinion. I could get past the way they felt because that doesn’t impact performance and I could live with the forgiveness but the fact that they don’t last very long was the deal-breaker for me.

The good news though is that it’s something that can be fixed in the future. Though I don’t know for sure, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed and giving them another chance in the future. Continue reading if you want to know more about our top golf balls.

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Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Review on Cut Golf Balls

This is my official Review of Cut Golf Balls. I’ve used them many times now.

I even gave them to my friends while we played and they all shared their opinion with me.

They were also a good choice for Pro V1s. I decided to test them with launch monitors to get a better idea of their performance.

Which ball can play as well as a Pro? It’s half the cost of V1, but it plays like a Pro. Many golf balls fall into this category. Not too long ago, there was no choice. Now there are many companies producing similar-quality tour balls, while offering lower prices to consumers. Is that even possible? How can the ball be as good as it is? It’s possible to significantly lower the price of your golf balls by not investing millions in marketing, research, or middlemen. Cut Golf has done exactly what they did. You can find 4 types of golf balls at Cut Golf, with 2 featuring urethane covers. The price is significantly lower, but the quality remains at par.

Cut Golf gained significant popularity online for their golf balls.

The blue is a 4 piece, tour-level ball. The grey is a 3-piece tour-level ball. The white and red models have surlyn covers. I spent my time with the Blue and Grey models because that really is the “million dollar question”; Can a $20/dozen golf ball keep up with my $50/dozen ball. Simple answer: Yes. Here’s a list of details.

Cut Golf direct sells the balls. Vice Golf Balls and other new brands are able to do this. Because there is no wholesale price, there are significant savings. The entire process is straight to the customer. Cut Golf conducts some R&D. This is not the case with other companies. Cut Golf chooses open designs to be able use. It’s a cost-saving strategy that doesn’t compromise performance. Cut Golf Balls offer a big advantage. They are priced at $20 each for the first dozen. You can also get 5-6 balls.

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Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Cut Blue

Rated 4.7 stars 75 reviews or 4 Interest-Free Payments of $4.99 each by CUT Blue 2018 & 2019. GOLF DIGIEST HOT LIST. Cut Blue is designed to provide optimal distance using woods and irons as well as lower ball flight and better green-side control.

Newly formulated durable urethane covering has a more soft touch and features a 314 dimple pattern. To minimize drag, our dimple pattern ensures uniform ball flight across all playing situations.

Other Features

Construction in 4-Pieces

Tour Quality Urethane Cover

314 Dimple Pattern

90 Compression

Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Features of the Cut Blue Golf Ball

Cut Blue Golf Balls offer many advantages. However, many people love this ball for a number of reasons. This Cut Golf Ball Review outlines some of these reasons.

Medium fly (Not too low/very high).

USGA Conforming

Green with high spin

Excellent Controlling Power

Made to improve distance and control

Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Cut Blue Dc Review of Golf Balls

THP is a firm believer that not just us should conduct testing, but all golfers, including you. Being an active THP Forum member is one of our best features. We look at you, the consumer, for feedback about equipment. To be part of THP Forum member testing, each month we send out golf balls, iron sets as well as drivers, hybrids, putters and training aids.

A couple of weeks ago, we asked forum members who wanted to review the new Cut Blue DC Golf Balls and sent a bunch of them out for long term review. They will then put the balls in their bags, play the course with them and add information to the thread. Those reviews are starting to come in and you can find them all on the THP Forum here Each is tasked with reviewing every aspect of the golf ball including performance, feel and durability. Some great stuff has been posted already and there is certainly more to come in the coming days and weeks.

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Do you have the Cut Golf Blue DC Golf Balls? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments, and you can also join the discussion in our review thread.

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What Is The Compression Of A Cut Blue Golf Ball?

Cut Golf’s latest ball is completely compliant with USGA rules. The new model features 105 compression (up to 90 on the original Cut Blue), and comes in both white- and atomicy yellow color codes. now offers the Cut Blue DC for $29.95 per dozen

Cut Golf: Who owns it?

Cut Golf was founded by Sam Uisprapassorn. They make high-quality, premium golf balls at a fraction the price of other golf ammunition. Cut is one of several companies disrupting the golf ball business, and consumers are benefiting.Sep 2, 2019

How are cut golf balls manufactured?

Cut, a California-based direct to consumer ball producer is located in Southern California (Costa Mesa!). Cut is a direct-to-consumer brand that I think offers the best quality ball for a low price. Sep 10, 2017.

Is it worth buying cut red golf balls?

Cut Red is the ideal ball for players with lower club-head speed looking for distance and accuracy off the tee while maintaining green-side performance.

.Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

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