Dex Switch Review

Dex Switch Review

Dex Switch Review

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Dex Switch Review

Let me take these legs off you and grab some Chrome

I love cyberpunk. Cyberpunk has a towering neon skyline, oppressive megacorporations and a seedy underbelly. It is a strange and wonderful way to make the familiar seem strange and darkened. I love the augmented mercenaries, the techno-babbling hackers, and the mysteriously untouchable executives.

If cyberpunk were my future, I’d likely exist as a wageslave. This would involve working behind walls in corporate offices while trying my best to be blissfully ignorant of the world outside.

Fiction is a different world. I can happily return to the streets of grunge that lie between the sparkling fortresses and megacorporations. Dex, one such title that I have another chance to play is Dex. Dex technically has been around for some time, but was not ported to Nintendo Switch until recently.

Published on May 7, 2015, PC (Xbox One), July 8, 2016, (PC), July 12, 2016, (PS4) and July 24, 2020 (Switch). Dex is a side-scrolling action RPG with a strong emphasis on nonlinear gameplay. Deus Ex is my favorite description, however it could also be called “flat”. This direction is certainly a goal. Along with improving your combat art by leveling, you can also put points to charisma which opens up additional dialogue options. Although the marketing materials will claim that you are diplomatic, my experience shows that I was unable to escape combat with words.

There’s no doubt that there are many opportunities for non-linearity. The city of Harbor Prime is pretty much open completely to exploration from the hop, packed with side-quests for you to pick up for some often worthwhile rewards. Most of the sidequests have multiple options for how you want to go about them. You could even talk your way through some.

The game opens with the eponymous Dex being awakened by a voice in her ear telling her that the Complex, a shadowy organization consisting of the top megacorps, is coming for her and she has to run. Thankfully already sleeping in her trenchcoat, Dex hoofs it to a bar owned by legendary hacker, Decker, who helps her get away to safety.

Raycast, the voice that speaks to Dex, soon tells her she has the “seed”, a malicious AI program named Kether. This virus is counter-threat and currently holds Kether hostage. Both programs were made by the Complex. It is likely that they will capture Kether, and then use it to control cyberspace. Dex is then joined by the resistance to the Complex in an attempt to stop them taking control of Kether.

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Dex Switch Review

Review: Dex (Nintendo Switch)

Kaelyn Daaugherty * 1 Year Ago Love Review: Dex

Dex: The trailer was amazing and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It looked just like all the other great, action-packed Indie games I’ve tried on Switch. It was five years since the original game debuted in 2015. The trailer was cool but I already knew that I’d be working with outdated mechanics. I found the story of a mystery blue-haired woman that can take names and kick butt in cyberpunk open-world was fascinating.

Although the setup of Dex is somewhat vague, it’s important that they remain mysterious. Dex’s story isn’t very clear. But she seems to be awesome and bad guys want her. That’s all that you need. Dex goes down into the sewers. The player then takes control. Dex will need to battle her way through the sewer gang in order to progress. Your first fight will be against three opponents, without any instruction or guidance. Though you have the ability to kick and punch, there is no way to make a hit. They love to stop your attacks. They treat it as a hobby. It was this guy that made me so mad about the first fight. He blocked almost every punch. He was only able to get in about 1 of 10 hits.

There’s also the problem of how clunky and slow the fights felt. It just wasn’t a fun, flow, like I thought it would be. My vision of gameplay was like an arcade game. Alas, I was excited when I acquired my first gun. Although I believed that it would be much more straightforward, I was incorrect. Because my melee attacks did more damage to the bullet than any of those weapons, it is likely that they were shooting pellets. It was only later that I realized stealth was the best way to take down bad guys. Dex can do a few different moves when it comes to the melee attacks; you just have to figure out what works best for you. Dex can choose to use weapons. He has an impressive arsenal. But, you might be more successful if Dex uses his hacking skills in combination with stealth attacks.

One more thing you need to know is that collecting credits is vital to your progression (By “vital” I mean it will make your experience a lot less frustrating). Credits can be used to purchase new equipment or weapons for Dex. Although these are sometimes difficult to locate, they can often be worth it.

Dex has many positives. Dex is able to interact with a wide range of characters. The best part about the game is this. To me, the characters seem more intriguing and richer than the main story. The voice-overs and dialogue are entertaining, and it seems like each NPC has their own personality. You can also choose from different dialogs depending on the choice you made in-game. But it’s always hard to predict how the choices will impact the story. This usually leads me to want to play the same game again, which is good.

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A bonus is the setting in which it is played. Cyberpunk games are always kind of fun, just because of the neat things you can interact with and the cool, sci-fi technology. Dex itself is a wonderful place to be. It was amazing how every area had so much to offer and such detail. Dex can also be quite grimy. This isn’t a bad game. It’s just a more mature version of Dex. Cussy phrases, questionable characters and even nudity are all part of the game. You can see the blocky, pixely flesh. You’ll find it quite amusing. Dex is an open-world, non-linear game. It’s possible to do your missions in any order and take different paths. Each time you play, something might surprise you or you’ll notice something else.

Dex Switch Review

Dex Review For Nintendo Switch

Enter a cyber-world of hackers against megacorporations to uncover the truth about Dex. Check out our Switch review.

Dex is an open-world 2D side scrolling roleplaying game that allows for character interaction. Dex plays the part of Dex. He is caught between two shadow corporations and a mysterious hacker collective. The world and story of the game are quite rough but well worth it.

Genre: Side-scrolling action RPG Release Date: July 24, 2020 Ninty Gamer purchased our copy of this game to review.

You are dropped immediately into Harbor Prime, after an open prologue. Decker explains the main story objectively and provides guidance. Dex may explore and encounter other characters by simply roaming the map.

The side quests of many characters can be interwoven with their stories. You will only need to finish the main quest, which is quite linear. However there are some side quests you should complete.

Side quests come in many forms and offer various benefits. This keeps these segments dynamic with interwoven stories, multi-stage quests, and intricate tales. These characters have fascinating stories that you will be able to put together.

Rating rating: Rating rating of 4/5

Dex Switch Review


The Dex has a lot of things to love, even if there are some hiccups. Harbor Prime offers hackers a world full of solutions.

Although some characters have stiff voices, the music and soundtrack is serviceable. Side quests that aren’t too repetitive, but well written, make it worth your while.

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“>Dex Switch Review – Port Quality The Switch port of the game does have a few issues that are worth noting. In handheld mode, the font size is horrendously small. I am wearing glasses so the font is small. Dex answers any criticisms you may have regarding the font size of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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Some minor bugs and stuttering were also present, but not major. After saving a save, I had trouble picking up my items. Reloading the same save seems to have fixed the issue. The Switch port is overall quite good.

Dex Switch Review

Play a game

In retro side scrollers, the meat lies in their combat and platforming. Or, in Dex’s instance, the interaction with NPCs as well as the story. The latter is, for the most part, an engaging real, but it’s a little bit disappointing that Dex lacks in its fisticuffs in what it packs in its aesthetic and world-building. You will find a cyberpunk atmosphere filled to the top with gorgeous hand-drawn characters. There’s little complexity to the brawls, but not enough simplicity to make them engaging. Because you are fighting with armored grunts while punching your fists through their faces, your enemies can have some health.

What about gunplay, then? A small rifle or handgun is a good way to keep momentum going. The problem is that it can sometimes be difficult to aim properly. A foe may have a slow pace and are prone to delivering their own deadly force at twice the rate you do. You’re better off throwing hands but in the early game, you’ll find yourself knee-deep in medpacks as your enemies push through your block with special attacks, forcing you to roll more than the hunters of Yharnam.

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Dex’s combat abilities are not limited to the battlefield. The game’s main focus is on hacking. In the first minute, you will be instructed to shut down the elevator in order to prevent grunts from entering your apartment. They are very repetitive and easy, with little complexity or difficulty. Dex cannot hack into the technology-rich world that sounds so great in theory, however it fails to live up to its potential.

Dex Switch Review

Final Score 68%

Dex has a lot to offer, including beautiful art and design, compelling narrative choices, and an engaging protagonist. However, the meat of Dex’s pie lacks in quality, and the combat system is weak. Its visual prowess is evident, but it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth with its clunky fighting and boring minigames.

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