Lg 34Gp83A-B Review

Lg 34Gp83A-B Review

Lg 34Gp83A-B Review

Different sizes and variations

The LG 34GP83AB-B 34-inch ultrawide gaming screen was the only one that we tried. LG’s Ultra range has many monitors. Gear lineup with various configurations, some of which you can see in the table below.

Model Size Panel Type Resolution Refresh Rate

34GP83A-B 34″ IPS 3440 x 1440 160Hz 34GN850-B

34″ 34″ 34″ 3440×1440 160Hz 26GN750-B 27.5″ 27.5″ 27.5″ 27.5″ 27.5″ 27.4″ IPS 20×1080 23.0 Hz 27GN850–B 27.5″ 27.4″ IPS 2560×1440.144Hz 27GN950–B 27.5″ 27.4″ IPS 33840×2160.144Hz Review: We will update this review if we come across any different types of panels or 34GP83A that doesn’s review. Note that some tests, like gray uniformity, may vary between individual units.

Lg 34Gp83A-B Review

Comparing to Other Monitors

It is overall a very good monitor. It is one the top 21:9 wide gaming monitors, and it costs less than many other comparable models. The monitor’s low contrast ratio makes it not a good choice for dark-room gaming. Additionally, the horizontal viewing angles of this model are not as great as those offered by other IPS models. Our recommendations for top gaming monitors include the LG 34GP83A – B and LG 34GN850 – both of which are virtually identical in their design, features, as well as performance. It has a slight faster response time at the max refresh rate. The 34GN850-B also gets slightly more brightness in HDR.

There are two very distinct monitors: the Samsung Odyssey G7 G32G75T and the LG 34GN850B. The Samsung is a 16:9 model available in a 27 inch or 32 inch size, while the LG is a 21:9 model that only comes in a 34 inch size. Although the Samsung’s refresh rate is higher, its response time may not be as fast as that of LG. This can be due to more overshoot, which causes inverse ghosting and slow dark transitions, which can cause dark smearing behind objects moving quickly. Samsung offers better contrast and is better for gaming in darkness. It comes with narrow viewing angles so the LG may be better if you have to share your screen.

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The LG 34GN850-B and the AOC CU34G2X are both great gaming monitors with different panel types. AOC has a VA panel that has a greater contrast, but the LG’s IPS panel is wider. You can see motion better with the LG, as it responds faster and does not suffer from black smearing. The LG also gets much brighter, so it does a better job at fighting glare. If ergonomics are important to you, the AOC offers swivel adjustments, which the LG doesn’t.

There are two aspect ratios for the LG 34GN850-B versus the Gigabyte M27Q. The LG displays ultrawide images, while the Gigabyte is standard in 16:9 formats. Gaming-wise, even though the Gigabyte has a slightly higher refresh rate, the LG has a faster response time at max refresh rate to deliver a clearer image in fast-moving scenes. However, if you often game at 60Hz, then the Gigabyte comes out ahead. The Gigabyte also has wider viewing angles, higher screen brightness, and more features, like USB-C input and a built-in KVM.

Both the LG 34GN850-B & LG 34GP950G -B have very similar features. The 34GP950G has a slightly higher refresh rate and a faster response time when gaming at 60Hz. It also has a different set of supported gaming technologies. The 34GP950G native GSYNC monitor supports, while the 34GN850 B supports Free. Sync, so if you want to get the most out of your graphics card, it might be better to get the one that matches your card.

In terms of gaming performance, the LG 34GN850-B is better than the ASUS TUF Gaming VG34VQL1B . This is due to the ASUS having more motion artifacts such as dark smears behind fast moving objects. The ASUS can be used in darkened rooms, as it offers a higher contrast ratio that produces deeper blacks. This model also features a larger color palette and greater peak brightness which will provide a better HDR experience.

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LG 38GN950 – B

Lg 34Gp83A-B Review

Ask & Get Answer

Ask your questions. Ask questions.

Prior to asking a question about this product, be sure you have read the complete product information as well as the Help Guides in the Product Support Section.

Can this monitor display picture by picture?

LG 34 inch Ultra requires that you download and install the On-Screen control software. Gear Curved WQHD Nano IPS 1ms 144HZ HDR 400 Monitor with G-SYNC Compatibility, Model # 34GP83A-B which will give you four options for PIP (PIcture-in-Picture)…^Ivan When will this monitor become available in Europe?

Which country in Europe are you in. Every country with an LG Support Center in Europe will have information on product release and pricing. Regrettably, our offices in the U.S. will only have information for when the LG 34” Ultra. This is the Model Number 34GP83AB. The US will have access to the Gear Curved IPS WQHD Nano HDR 400 monitor with G-SYNC compatibility when information becomes available. To find out when this monitor will become available in Europe in your country, contact LG Support Center IFV. How steep is the screen’s curve? (1000R ~1800R) The radius of curvature for the screen on the LG 34” Ultra. With G-SYNC Compatibility Model #34GP83A-B, the 1900R …^IFV is this monitor compatible with adjustable mounts. Do I prefer the one that comes with it? If not, what ones?

Lg 34Gp83A-B Review


Highly Recommended Gaming Monitor in 2021. The LG34GP83AB gaming monitor is an extraordinary ultrawide screen. The large, bent screen provides stunning immersion when gaming as well as huge amounts of space for work. It has quick reaction time, low information slack, and you can overclock its 144Hz revive rate up to 160 Hz to convey smoother and more responsive interactivity. It has fair review points, which is fine for sharing material or center gaming. However it does have a slight deficiency in picture preciseness from looking sideways, which may be an issue if you are required to share sensitive work. Tragically, while it gets sufficiently splendid to beat glare effectively, it isn’t sufficient to convey a genuine HDR experience. The low percentage of difference causes blacks appear dimmed in obscurity. The potential benefit is that content producers should accept the fact it includes full s. RGB as well as great Adobe RGB inclusions, exceptional angle taking care, and has no shading drain.

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Is The Lg 34Gn850-B Good?

The LG 34GN850B is an impressive monitor and offers a lot of performance. The LG 34GN850-B has an impressive 1440p resolution and a large screen size of 34 inches, which makes it a great monitor for gaming.

Does The Lg27Gl83A Worth it?

The LG 27GL83AB-B is an outstanding monitor, suitable for nearly all purposes. It offers exceptional motion handling and low input lag which are great features for gamers. The large viewing angles and high peak brightness make it a great choice for office use.

What is the Best Lg 27Gl850?

The LG 27GL850-B is a very good monitor for pretty much any use. This monitor is great for gaming, thanks to its excellent response time and low input lag. It has wide viewing angles, good peak brightness, and good reflection handling, great for office use or watching videos with a few friends.

Can Lg34Gn850-B Use Speakers?

34GN850B comes with a plug-in headphone socket, but not speakers. April 21, 2020

.Lg 34Gp83A-B Review

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