Lg G7 Fit Review

Lg G7 Fit Review

Lg G7 Fit Review


First of all, the G7 Fit has a chic and sophisticated look. G7 Fit features a metallic frame sandwiched between 2 pieces of glass. It is a rare combination for smartphone at this price point as manufacturers tend to choose a back or plastic frame. LG kept the bezels very narrow so that our review unit looks more like a 800-Euro ($902) smartphone rather than a $400 ($451) phone. The G7 Fit has a premium feel due to its tight tolerances. Our unit measured 153.2 x71.9 x 7.9mm. It also weighed 156g. This is smaller than most of the comparison units. Because of its small size, the review unit can be comfortably held in our hands. The G7 Fit also has no camera bump so that it won’t sag on top of a table like other flagships.

While the glass back looks great, there are some drawbacks. Our review unit gets too greasy quickly and can slip off of our hands or from tables or desks that are not perfectly flat. LG certifies that the G7 Fit is MIL-STD-810G1 compatible, meaning it has passed all 14 environmental and climate tests. However, MIL STD-810 compliance can’t be guaranteed by an agency or independent organization. Therefore, you should take this certification very seriously.

IP68 compliant, also the G7FIT is water-resistant for at least 30 minutes after being submerged in between 1 m and 3 m of water. Furthermore, after having been submerged fully in water for between 1 and 3,m the G7 Fit will remain water resistant for at most 30 minutes.

At the moment, the G7 Fit was only available in Europe. It is also known as New Aurora Black. The device will also come in New Platinum Grey in other regions.

Lg G7 Fit Review


It’s quite remarkable that the processor has been chosen. LG equips the G7 Fit equipped with a Snapdragon821 So. As we said, C turns 3 years old in the middle of this year. The So. C should still be as powerful as newer midrange chips, but we suspect that it will be less economical too. LG adds 4 GB RAM to the Snapdragon 821, which is quite a bit by smartphone standards. This amount was also used for the G7 Thin. Q However, the G7 Fit has e. MMC flash storage, which is much slower than the UFS 2.1 equivalent that OEMs are using in almost all their modern flagships. LG does sell a 64GB model, though our review unit comes with 32 GB. It can hold up to 2TB of micro-SD cards. You can use the SD card slot to expand your internal storage. The device also supports dual-SIM technology. Because the G7 fits has both internal storage and dual-SIM functionality, you can choose which one. The device also features a 3.5mm audio jack as well as NFC. This is a rare feature on smartphones with flagships.

Lg G7 Fit Review


The G7 Fit gets points for its hardware but ships with outdated software. LG claims the Android 8.1 Oreo that was included in our review unit is fairly up-to-date. LG’s security updates have been limited to October 2018 (which was over 5 months ago at the time our testing). We think that 2019’s midrange smartphones should not be considered so outdated.

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LG has applied LG’s UI to Android8.1 Oreo. But the company does not make major visual adjustments to stock Android. So it is easy to get used Android again.

Our unit was clean and free of unnecessary bloatware. LG also includes the Smart Doctor and some of its apps, along with all of the Google apps. The G7 Fit defaults with four navigation buttons. LG however added an option to toggle between SIM cards to make it easier than diving into Settings.

LG made the G7 Fit only Widevine DRM-Level 3-certified. It prevents the G7 Fit being able stream HD content from Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. Standard definition streaming is still possible, however LG must begin selling products with Level 1 certification to enable HD streaming. It is not clear why this company did it. A Level 1 certified device costs nothing and OEMs cannot upgrade Level 3 devices to Level 1 through a software update.

Lg G7 Fit Review

Telephone Features & Call Quality

LG also includes its suite of telephony apps, which are laid out clearly and are intuitive to use. There are only minor issues with call quality. Although the earpiece of our test unit was loud it did a good job reproducing our call partner’s voice. Also, when using hands-free, the microphone clearly heard our voice throughout the tests.

LG fitted the G7 Fit equipped with Boombox speaker tech. These speakers resonate onto surfaces such tabletops or desks to produce higher volumes and better low frequency reproduction than traditional speakers. Placing the G7 Fit on a hollow object like an acoustic guitar, for example, creates a surprisingly full-bodied sound with almost something that sounds like real bass.

Lg G7 Fit Review

Accessories & Warranties

Standard accessories are provided with the G7 Fit, which is a midrange smartphone. We received a pair headphones, which have the same braided cable as those found on the LG G40 Thin. Q, the charger and the USB Type C cable. LG, like it does with many of its most recent flagship smartphones since the V20, has included a cleaning wipe.

G7 Fit has a standard 24-month warranty. You can find country-specific information in our Guarantees and Return Policies FAQ.

Lg G7 Fit Review

Operation & Devices for Input

Like most smartphones today, the G7 Fit also has a 10-point capacitive touch screen. In our testing, our inputs were accurately and quickly reproduced by the touchscreen. Likewise, the accelerometer promptly adjusted the screen orientation if we rotated our review unit, while the fingerprint sensor consistently unlocked the device without delay.

With crisp keystrokes, the power and volume buttons have adequate pressure points. In our view, the buttons match those LG uses on its flagship devices.

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Lg G7 Fit Review


One of the highlights of the G7 Fit is its display. LG provided a 6.1″ IPS panel with the device. It can be used natively at 3120×144040. However, the screen is not as sharp out of the box as LG reduces the resolution to 2340×1080 by default to extend battery life. The resolution can also be reduced to 1560×720 to minimize power draw. You must restart your device each time you adjust the resolution.

The maximum brightness displayed on the panel is the highlight. XRite i1Pro2 registered a display’s peak brightness at 993 cd/m2 and 1014 cd/m2 near its centre. This brightness is greater than most smartphones, as well as being brighter than G7 Thin. Q The G7 Fit drops down to about 800 cd/m2 after three minutes of peak brightness, but that is still amazing.

We measured our review unit’s black value at 0.46 cd/m2, which was higher than any other IPS panel we tried. However, this black value is still higher than the IPS panels in our other comparison devices. It does not affect the display’s ability to achieve a high contrast ratio of 2,204:1. Only the colour accuracy is disappointing. It is well beaten on the Honor 10 Lite Samsung Galaxy A7 2018. The 19.5×9 aspect ratio feels very immersive, while the G7 Fit’s broad notch may cause some discomfort. The device will display black bars with 16:9 letterbox content, however, you can zoom in to make the screen full in apps such as You. YouTube is a good option if you need to view fullscreen videos.

IPS, 2340×1080, 6.21 Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Super AMOLED, 2220×1080, 6.00 Motorola Moto G7 Plus IPS, 2270×1080, 6.20 Black Level * Colorchecker Delta. E2000 * Colorchecker Delta. Max. E2000 * Greyscale Delta. E2000 * *… less is more Screen Flickering/PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). To dim your screen, you can use notebooks to cycle the backlight in quick succession. This method is called Pulse Width Modulation or PWM. The frequency of the cycling should be invisible to the eye. People with sensitive eyes could experience strain and headaches if the frequency is too high.

Screen flickering/PWM detection 2358 Hz = 15.0% brightness

Display backlight flickers at 2358Hz. (Likely using PWM). Flickering was detected at brightness settings of 15% and lower. You should see no flickering above the brightness setting.

Users sensitive to PWM will not be able to notice flickering at frequencies above 2358 Hz.

Lg G7 Fit Review


LG G7-Fit smartphone review. LG Germany.

The LG G7 is a trendy midrange smartphone featuring a superb display. Our review unit is also well built, and its narrow display bezels make it compacter than our comparison devices. LG made too many compromises for us.

Although the phone has very few negatives, LG chose to outfit it with an older flagship So. C causes it to run warmer and consume more power than its contemporaries. LG has not compensated for the high power consumption with a larger battery either, which results in comparatively poor battery life.

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The LG G7 Fit is a confusing midrange smartphone. Even though the LG G7 Fit is a beautiful smartphone with a modern display, it has many drawbacks.

LG G7 Fit’s primary reason to buy is the display. If you can live with a few drawbacks like poor battery life and high temperatures, then you will get an experience that few other midrange smartphones offer. We are not certain who the G7 Fit will be suited for because it costs significantly less online than what it retails at.

Lg G7 Fit Review

Question & Answer

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When will Android 9 become available on the LG 7 Fit LM-9850QM? it’s already on others regions and USA is left aside?

We are glad that you want the most recent software updates. Approval processes must be followed for all software updates. They are issued first by the network provider. The carrier will then schedule an update once testing has been completed. We are available to assist you at any time. You can reach us via Twitter @LGUSSupport, or Facebook @LGUSSupport.

It can be unlocked in the US, or globally with non-US carriers.

The phone can be used within the US. Although the phone may be compatible with devices overseas, we are unable to guarantee its functionality.

What does 32Gb (17GB usable), mean in Lg’s G7 fit-memory?

What Year Did The Lg G7 Fit Come Out?

LG G7 Fit Summary LG G7 Fit smartphone was launched in August 2018. It features a touchscreen 6.10 inch display and a 19.5:9 aspect ratio.

Are Lg G7 Phones Good?

The LG G7 ThinQ is a completely unsurprising, risk-averse smartphone that’s meant to be smart, not flashy, unlike the LG V40 that just launched. It boasts an AI-powered cam, loud Boombox speaker, and a bright 6.9-inch display. It’s a reasonable, but not monumental upgrade over the LG G6.Jun 20, 2019

Is the Lg G7 Waterproof?

The Ingress Protection rating is used to rate the LG G7 IP68. The dust rating is 6 (highest level of protection), and the water resistance rating is 8 (water-resistant up to 5 feet for up to 30 minutes). It is not recommended to immerse your device in water greater than 5 feet.

Will The Lg G7 Fit Get Android 10?

LG G7S models, G8S model, V40, LG G7S models, will all have Android 10 software updates. LG K50S K40S K50S K50S K50S K60S can also get the Android 10 upgrade in the 3rd quarter 2020. The new features will then be available to Q60 (LG K50S K40S K50S K50S) and Q60 in the 4th quarter 2020. It’s LG so we are used to it. January 24, 2020

.Lg G7 Fit Review

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