Mpow M9 Review

Mpow M9 Review

Mpow M9 Review

Mpow M9 vs Mpow 05/ M5

To the left, MpowM5/MpowM7 and MpowM20. This excellent MpowT5/M5 ($50), also features a deep bass and higher highs. It has a stronger and deeper sound than its predecessors. This also places more emphasis on mids and vocals. You can place instruments more easily within the music, as well as having a larger soundstage. These additions make M5 wireless headphones more flexible.

Comparing MpowM9 and the MpowM7, the MpowM7 ($40), has the exact same sound signature as M9, but it is slightly easier to execute. The bass delivers a deeper thump, and its highs are more detailed and controlled. You will find the M9 more comfortable than your M7 because it has buttons that you press inside of your ears.

Review of Mpow M7

Mpow M9 Review

Comparison of Mpow W9 and Mpow H20

Upgrade from M9 to Mpow M20 (60 USD) to get wireless earphones and a powerbank. Although the charging case itself is larger and heavier than usual, it will also charge up your smartphone. Highs on the M20 roll off earlier, and there is even more emphasis on the lower-mids, making the sound of the M9 more balanced.

Review of Mpow M20

Mpow M9 Review

Bomaker Sifi Vs Mpow M9

Bomaker Sifi’s $50 price tag has more prominent mids compared to the Mpow M9. It boasts a larger soundstage, with greater detail and clarity for instruments like drums and guitars. While the Sifi does have a lot of lower mids, the M9 can sound thicker and make the Sifi feel a bit thinner.

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Mpow M9 Review

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Mpow M9 Review


Bluetooth 5.0 Technology.

4-mic Advanced ENC.

IPX8 Waterproof & Sweatproof.

USB Type-C & Quick Charge.

Touch Controls

Compatibility with Android, Windows, or i. OS.

A video review from Just Doin’ Live TV about the Mpow M9 True Wireless Earbuds.

Mpow M9 Review

High Quality Materials

Mpow M9 Bluetooth earbuds are built from lightweight plastic. However, it does not feel cheap. The case, though slightly big, is still pocketable.

Mpow M9 True Wireless Earbuds retail at $21.75.

Mpow M9 Review

Incredible Audio and Premium Noise-Canceling

Mpow M9 Wireless Earbuds, originally sold at $70 Expect superior noise cancelation and crisp sound. These buds have four microphones (two on the left earbud and two on the right). And Amazon shoppers vouch for the audio quality too.

“… “The sound quality of these headphones is exceptional for their price,” said a happy five-star reviewer. “Good sounding audio is very important to me, and these have a nice punchy low end with clear highs and an adequate mid-range. The volume has a nice upper limit (higher than some of my other headphones and earphones) for those of us who want to expedite the hearing-loss process with some good music. This is a great product. With other products I have had to deal with audio issues such as lame and underperforming, but these …” buds were dependable and easy-to-use. They last for up 40 hours. That’s five days! per single charge. The action continues uninterrupted without interruption, worries, or stress.

Mpow M9 Review

Durable and waterproof

Mpow M9 Wireless Earbuds offer a more affordable option than Apple Air. Samsung Galaxy Buds, Pods and Galaxy Buds are not waterproof. They can be worn in the rain or while exercising. They are even worn by customers in the shower.

“… I opened my headset as soon I got it. It had a lot of charge so I was able to sync it with my smartphone and I jumped in the shower. I let the water flood my head with reckless abandon, and the earbuds functioned without any problems. My earbud upgrades were easy to find and cost nothing. The Mpow M9 noise-canceling wireless earbuds cost only $29, while the $70 price tag is quite reasonable. We are not the only ones who believe it.

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“Mpow has very quickly become my go-to audio brand. “Affordable, great-sounding, and always stylish products”, added another 5-star reviewer. They are great! These buds sit very comfortably in the ear. It was surprising that this is the case for me as I have never liked this type of bud. Great for working out or doing work in the yard and around the house.” The M9 is loved by many, which means they are priced at a very affordable price. You can expect the M9 to sell quickly. So click fast to avoid heartbreak. Who wants that? Don’t be afraid to click…

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Mpow M9 Review


4-mic Noise Cancellinge & CVC 8.0: The dual-microphone array (each earphone is equipped with two microphones, 4 microphones in total) combine CVC 8.0 background noise cancelling technology, effectively reduce the environmental noise and enhance voice pick-up for good clarity during calling or making video conferencing. It can retain clear call quality even when in noisy situations.

Mpow M9 headphones boast a punchy sound and more details. Richer details make it possible to appreciate every detail in audiobooks.

New Extended 40H Battery Playtime & USB Charge Support: With the MpowM9 True Wireless Earbuds, you can enjoy up to 6 hours or more of talk and playback on one battery, as well as 200 hours of standby. You also get 34 hours of audio time with the USB C charging case. Maximum 40 Hours of use. Charge the earbuds in as little as 90 minutes, from 0% to 100 percent.

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Mono Mode: The difference between the left and right earbuds. You can use mono mode while walking, driving, riding on the streets or taking the bus. You can also wear both earbuds simultaneously to create true wireless stereo immersive sound when you are alone or want to block out surround noise.

Touch Controls: With Mpow’s M9 wireless headset, you can manage your music and calls by using the touch-sensitive buttons. For voice commands, triple-touch an earbud for Siri or Google Assistant.

Mpow M9 Earbuds, normally $49.99 in price, can be purchased for $29.99 by applying the $5 coupon to the product page. Then, enter the M94MICCC discount code during checkout.

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Are Mpow Headphones Any Good?

MPOW headphone brands can be counted as good, regardless of the little drawbacks. The brand’s high build quality and feature-rich products make it a popular choice for anyone looking for decent headphones at an affordable price.

Is the Mpow M9 waterproof?

Other notable features: a USB-C charging case, an IPX8 waterproof rating, touch controls and support for single-earbud mode. Mpow offers a 2-year warranty on the M9, something that is quite rare.

Which is Better, Anker or Mpow?

Anker’s are the best for travel, commuting, and transit than the Mpow. The Anker deliver a bass-heavy sound that some users may prefer. … The Mpow however are more comfy and sturdy, have volume controls, and are easier to carry. You will also hear a less harsh sound.

Is Mpow A Chinese Company?

MPOW Technology Co., Limited. Supplier from China.Jul 31, 2020

.Mpow M9 Review

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