Mpow X3 Review

Mpow X3 Review

Mpow X3 Review


Battery life can be limited.

Only one color option available

If you’re looking for a quality pair of earbuds, wireless is the way to go. This wasn’t always true. But wireless buds weren’t popular just a few decades ago. At first, the audio quality was poor. Older Bluetooth protocols could only supply low-bitrate sound, with resulting hollow, tinny quality. Even worse, you couldn’t listen in stereo. For that, you needed a proper set of wires.

All of that changed in 2015, with the advent of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds. TWS allowed both stereo and high-bitrate sound. All audiophiles worldwide rejoiced as wireless soon became the industry norm. Apple’s first i. Phone 7 was released as wireless-only, and wireless buds exploded in popularity. Apple Air is the best-selling Apple product. There were also cheap copies and cheaper Pods. There are many quality wireless earbuds on the market.

Mpow is just one company to have benefited from wireless headphones’ growing popularity. We’ve previously reviewed many Mpow products, and most are worth buying. We’re reviewing the Mpow X3 True Wireless Earbuds today, which is one of their newest offerings. While these buds can be a bit more expensive, they provide active noise cancelling (ANC). This feature, which is often not available on over-the-ear headphones, can be found in very few earbuds. These buds can do so much more. What are the benefits of these buds and is it worth paying for? We’ll take a close look at all the benefits and features, and see what there is to learn. Only then will we have the ability to make a definitive verdict. Let’s get started!

Mpow X3 Review

Mpow X3 Vs Boltune Anc Bt-Bh023

The X3 and the BH023 from Boltune are direct competitors: two wireless earbuds with ANC, the same price, and both delivering a sound with strong bass. There is a compromise between the two. Boltune is quieter and has noise cancellation activated. However, the Mpow X3 delivers better audio quality. It blocks brighter noises just a bit better.

Both can produce a bassy sound but the Mpow X3 is more refined. Boltune can make the bass sound louder and more powerful, while it has better control. Boltune even places vocals forward; however, it can make claps, clangs, and voices piercingly louder. This is also better controlled by the Mpow. In addition to its other strengths, the X3 makes a great all-rounder.

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Mpow X3 vs Apple Air. Apple Air 250$ Pods PRO Wireless headphones with active noise cancelling. Pods Pro are without a doubt the most popular model. But don’t confuse that with them being more popular. Air has ANC. Pods Pro adds slightly more but subtle white noise to your environment, reducing the sound level a little bit. There has been an upgrade on the Air. Pods Pro weakening just that. The Air. Pods Pro makes it easier to switch between Apple (Apple) devices, and the call quality is better than that on Mpow.

The Mpow X3 is a strong competitor. Its sound is crisper, clearer, and opens up more. The higher frequency ranges are highlighted and detailed with greater clarity. This has a wider soundstage that gives the music an airy, pleasurable feeling. The Air’s bass is deeper and stronger than the Air. The Pods Pro bass can be a bit fussy.

With noise cancellation turned on, the X3 offers a greater sound quality as well as a stronger battery. The X3 offers a superior sound quality for nearly $200 less

While the earpieces can be bulky and stick out of the ears, the sub-$100 Edifier NB wireless noise cancelling earphone is still the best on the marketplace. This is the same as the X3: the Edifier mutes surrounding noises more effectively, even those with faint background tones. It has a better battery life that the Mpow X3. However, the X3 has a more vibrant, energetic, balanced, and detailed sound. The TWS NB is almost overly warm when compared to the Edifier.

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Mpow X3 Review

Mpow X3 Vs Mpow M30 (Plus)

The Mpow X3 costs around $15 more than the Mpow M30, which is comparably prices in its bigger battery version – the Mpow M30 Plus. This phone doesn’t feature the best build quality like the X3. The M30 offers sport wings instead of the X3’s ANC or better call quality – so you can make your decision based on these facts. Similar to the X3, M30’s Mpow-character is also present with forward vocals and an elevated bass, however it still sounds natural and more balanced than the X3. There is less bass, but the highs and mids are more prominent. Although the result sounds slightly less flat, it is not dull. Both these Mpow’s sound very energetic, but the X3 punches even harder.

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Review of Mpow M30 – Amazon. MpowX3 vs Bomaker Sifi II Although the Bomaker Sifi II does not have active noise cancellation, its form and shape mean that it can block most noises from surrounding areas by simply placing them in. Sifi II features a more robust, powerful and heavy-hitting bass. This produces a richer sound with deeper vocals and more bass. Mpow X3’s higher frequencies are more prominent, resulting in a cleaner and balanced sound. While both earphones offer comparable battery life, the Mpow X3 offers better calling capabilities and ANC.

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Mpow X3 Review

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Ali sells Mpow-X3. Express MpowX3 Ali Express Mpow X3 Amazon US Mpow X3 at other Amazon stores. I purchased the Mpow X3 for myself to review and test. Thank you for your requests. All of my reviews are independent and not commercial. All audio products are reviewed and tested by me equally. Read more about this review here. Please use these links. You won’t have to pay extra but I can use it as financial support for my continued quest for high-quality, affordable audio. Read:

Wireless earphones Mpow review: Best wireless sports earbuds for under $50 Fiil CC: A half-in-ear wireless TWS that has amazing sound and design

Mpow X3 Review

What Should You Do With The MpowX3

Mpow X3 seems to be a fantastic deal, especially considering its low price. You can cancel out noise and sound well, with a design that is simple yet still packs a punch.

The Mpow X3 is a top-quality product that I have used for two weeks. This is the product you’d want if it worked well and was affordable.

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Ali offers the Mpow X3 at a discounted price. Express by clicking here If you need help with shopping on Ali. Express checkout my guide here I earn commissions at no extra cost to you when you use my Affiliate links. My reviews are kept objective by affiliate commissions.

Mpow X3 Review


MPOW headphones and earbuds are a brand I like. We’ve written many reviews. They produce high-quality products.

MPOW X3 has been one of my favorite wireless earbuds. You can get better noise isolation with Active Noise Cancellation thanks to the silicone eartips.

These are actually the first TWS earbuds to have ANC. I hope that every earbud will feature ANC as this is a really useful function.

The MPOW X3 earbuds also have a USB C charging port and good battery life. There are four microphones available for improved phone calls.

This is a great price for wireless headphones – just $60

Mpow – Is it a great brand of headphones?

Ignoring the slight drawbacks mentioned in this article, MPOW can be considered a good headphone brand. This brand is a top choice for those looking for quality headphones at a reasonable price.

Is MpowX3 capable of cancelling noise?

Active Noise Cancelling on Mpow X3 It’s the first time Mpow comes up with Active noise canceling: dampening your surrounding noise by the touch of a button. Note: Wireless ANC earbuds can only lower the volume of surrounding noises.

Which one is more superior, anker or mpow?

But the Anker sound better for travel and commuting than the Mpow. Anker users may enjoy a deeper, bassier sound. You may also like… The Mpow however are much more comfortable, stable, have volume controls, and have a better carry case. You will also hear a less harsh sound.

Mpow Is a Chinese Company

MPOW Technology Co. Limited. China. July 31, 2020

.Mpow X3 Review

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