Ohsnap Grip Review

Ohsnap Grip Review

Ohsnap Grip Review

Are Ohsnap Grips Good?

OhSnap! Although Grip doesn’t seem to be a bad product, it’s far from perfect. This phone grip is great for those with thin hands and don’t require wireless charging. This is far better than a Pop Socket, other than the convenience of my fingertips. Nov 9, 2020

Can Ohsnap Grip be removed?

The Ohsnap Grip is not equipped with a reusable adhesive. However, it can be easily swapped for a new smartphone or case. … Using tweezers, pry the steel ring little by little to ensure no damage is made to your phone or case.Feb 12, 2021

What Can I Do With Ohsnap Grip

Snapmounts come with a washable, reusable adhesive so you can stick them almost everywhere. Simply rinse the adhesive with lukewarm warm water and rub off any residue using your fingertips. Once cleaned, let air dry. January 21, 2021

Ohsnap Grip Compatible with Wireless Charger?

It is impossible to guarantee that Ohsnap Grip can work with every wireless charge, however it has been tested with most chargers. Depending on how thick your case is, there may be some issues. Jan 21, 2021

.Ohsnap Grip Review

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