Roborock S6 Pure Review

Roborock S6 Pure Review

Roborock S6 Pure Review

Roborock S6 pure: Features and in Use

While it is hard to give an exact count, 12-13 sensors are apparently included in the S6 Pure. This is one less sensor than the S6 Pure, but it’s still a few more than what you will find on the S4 or S5.

Like all Roborock models in recent years, the sensors allow Roborock to do all of its clever work when it comes to mapping routes and rooms. This is an area Roborock excels at. As we stated in the previous reviews, there are few robo-vacs that come close to Roborock when it comes to navigating rooms.

The unit responsible for mapping and tracking the data is represented by the little circle that is on top. It features an ultrasonic radar sensor, a cliff sensor, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a speedometer, and an electronic compass.

This quad-core 32-bit processor powers the entire system. The algorithm includes simultaneous mapping and localization (SLAM) movements, as well as the laser distance sensor.

Roborock machines are always processing the optimal cleaning route minutes ahead, with a memory on board to remember room layouts, navigation routes, and areas it cannot reach.

Like all robot vacuums, the cleaner can get stuck from time to time – between chairs legs, under cabinets with different clearance levels, and in other places – but that’s much less common than its competitors.

It also includes the company’s Adaptive Route Algorithm. This calculates the best cleaning route based upon a room’s form and any obstacles in the area. The S6 Pure will actually be less trouble over time as it becomes more familiar with the areas it should avoid.

Roborock S6 Pure Review

Roborock S6 App and Digital Assistants

The review is at this point and the negatives are few. It seems like it is a smooth operation with the Roborock. The app and Google Assistant are where things get a little shaky. Roborock systems used to live within the Xiaomi Mi home app until recently. You can still use the original screen layouts and feature, however, there’s now a dedicated Roborock app.

Like the S4 and S6, S6 Pure can scan and map your house and provide incredibly precise blueprints. This is useful because you can set virtual no-go zones around certain objects – think troublesome chairs, areas with wires, pet bowls, that sort of thing.

The map can be redrawn by simply pinching or zooming in a certain area. Custom cleans are also possible – you might want to vacuum the space around your dining table twice following meals.

The S6 Pure also has access to a feature that was introduced with the S6; selective room cleaning. It displays a map that shows which rooms it’s determined as well as the colors. My downstairs had an open kitchen/dining room. The map was arranged in a grouping, although it is possible to modify them manually.

After you have created your map, you will be able to select the rooms you wish to clean. You can also enable a multi-floor map, with up to 4 different floors on offer. Of course, you’ll have to carry your S6 Pure up the stairs though, to clean different levels of the house – and it obviously won’t be able to self dock.

Digital voice assistants, like the others mentioned above are compatible. However it can prove difficult to sync them up. Google Assistant works a little better, but you might find that the S6 Pure is not listed as a switch-type gadget. This means it can only be used with voice commands, and cannot be included in routines.

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You can play around using the Xiaomi Mi Home app and Skill to get a more controllable Roborock in your Alexa setup, but be prepared to be do a bit of tweaking within the location server settings. The setup was complicated and a little confusing, though I didn’t say so.

Roborock S6 Pure Review

Roborock S6 Purity Review: The Powerful Smart Vacuum that Works with Alexa

This smart vacuum picked up all dirt, dust and hair well. It also has a mopping feature that is ideal for homes less than mine. Getting one that can also do a good job on mopping? This is a bit more difficult. Roborock S6 Pure has the potential to fulfill both of these functions at a low price. It was sent to us for testing. The device worked well in our house, which has a large shedder and three other people, creating lots of opportunities to clean.

Roborock’s most recent smart vacuum, the S6 Pure from Roborock, works with Amazon Alexa. What is Roborock? Roborock is not as well-known in smart vacuum market as other competitors like I. Roborock has been producing smart vacuums for over a decade. Roborock was acquired by Xiaomi in 2014. This is significant because Xiaomi is a well-known company for making inexpensive security cameras. Gear even tested one of their Mi security cameras, which cost $ 40. Brain). The firm also made news in January 2020 after it began sending photos via security cameras to home addresses of other users. Google did actually ban Xiaomi temporarily from its platforms, and only after it promised to resolve the issue would they allow Xiaomi to reconnect.

Roborock however is its own brand. It focuses solely on smart vacuums, which work just like other in their field. Their devices even take the same form and design as almost all the other smart vacuums in the market: round, like a large button on wheels, and typically in black or white.

The S6 Pure is available in white online, but the one we received was black. It has a fin on one side, which acts as a sweeper. There’s also a roller at the middle, which pulls dirt and dust into the bin. It holds 480 ml. The Ecovacs Deebot 500 has 520ml and the Eufy Robo 600ml. Vac 30C , which we’ve also reviewed.

Although the S6 Pure’s bin is difficult to remove, the design of the bin that can be lifted from the top makes it a smart move. The option is available on most newer vacuums, so we believe it should become a standard feature.

Roborock offers an app that allows you to download the smart element for your vacuum. It works with both Android and i. OS devices. Once the app is connected to the vacuum’s Wi-Fi, you can control the vacuum using your smartphone. Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa can be used to control the vacuum.

To get started, you’ll need to first download Roborock and charge the vacuum. The app is not required to start the vacuum. It can work without any instructions over Wi-Fi, as long as it’s comfortable you just walk up and press the power button.

Roborock S6 Pure Review

No Dramas Docking

Nearly every robotic vacuum I have tried has been difficult to find its way home. Some people go too far and get lost amongst the charging cables and headphones, while others find their way home only to discover that they can’t dock. So my admiration for the Roborock S6 Pure first began when it effortlessly returned home and put itself on charge. The Roborock S6 Pure has only been lost or confused two times in the several weeks that I spent reviewing it. One was when it got stuck under the mattress with a headphone cable, the other where its reflection threw it. This tiny trooper is one of my most trusted gadgets.

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Roborock S6 Pure Review

Roborock S6 Purity Review: Make Your Kitchen Sink A Robot Vacuum

Roborock S6 purpure robot vacuum, the most recent iteration in Roborock’s line of automated cleaning equipment. It is competing in a very competitive field but it promises quiet cleaning and smart automations.

The price is it still worth it? We had a chance to review one, so let’s dig in and find out.

The Roborock S6 Pure is a pretty unassuming robot vacuum, and looks pretty much like you’d expect one to. You can choose from either black or white. The vacuum comes with wheels on the top and a vacuum in the bottom. We tested the black model.

It has bumpers at the sides to absorb impact from bumps. On the front, you will see perforations that allow water tanks to be positioned so the mop can take care of its duties.

You will find two buttons at the top that allow you to quickly control the units, like powering them down and returning them home. To make it easy to empty the dust bin, lift up the front panel.

It includes a charging dock that the Roborock S6 Pure will return to, which is another pretty unassumingly designed piece of tech. If you’re looking for a vacuum that will hide away and blend in, Roborock has done a pretty good job. Although the white model seems to stand out more than its black counterpart, it is still clean and neat.

Roborock S6 Pure Review


This is our verdict of the Roborock S6 Pure based on several hours of research of reviews from both experts and users.

It is an affordable alternative to the Roborock S6 but with some downgrades. The device balances high-end functionality with affordability for people on a budget.

You can use the robot as a vacuum or mop and it does its job well on both. There are four modes available: silent, balanced, turbo and maximum. This allows you to pick from many options. It can suction up to 2000 Pa. This is comparable with the S4/S6.

The water tank holds up to 180ml, which is more than the 140ml tank in S6. Although it has greater mopping power, its water tank can hold 180ml, which is more than the 140ml of S6. Because of its continuous drip of water, unlike other robot vacuums with electronic water tanks the S6 Pure could empty its tank more quickly than others. It also does not have the no-mop zone feature of S6 which is helpful for those who have carpeted areas. But it’s not too significant because you can still use either the no go zone or virtual wall to block out carpeted spaces.

There is another distinction between the S6 Pure & the S6 Pure: the dust bins. S6 Pure is slightly larger than S6 Pure in terms of its dust bins. It allows more storage space for the water tanks. Although the S6 Pure sounds a lot noisier, it is manageable.

S6 Pure uses an adaptive route algorithm. It analyzes the space’s structure and obstacles to determine which approach or route is best. This allows it to save time and reduce the risk of being sucked. Robot vacuums learn and adapt to your needs by using it more often. Li is another important component. DAR is a technology that allows the robot vacuum navigate more precisely and thoroughly. In terms of navigation, you won’t be disappointed with Roborock.

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Its smart navigation allows the app to show an accurate map of your floor plan, thus allowing a customisable map where you can set virtual no-go zones and virtual walls that block off areas you don’t want the robot vacuum to go. The app also allows for custom cleaning and selective cleaning. This feature lets you select the rooms you wish to clean.

Roborock S6 Pure Review

Compare The Roborock S6 to The S6 Purely In Detail

Both models share more similarities than differences, so the following review will focus on what they have in common. You can read the rest of our

Roborock S6 Pure: Features And In Use

“>Roborock S6 Pure Review to see how the S6 series robotics perform in total.

This gives you the chance to see how robots work in real life, rather than just looking at lab results.

S6 Pure purports to be better at mopping than S6. While it may appear that the Pure mops better than the base model in the claim, the fact is the Pure has been designed to cover large areas.

This claim comes from the larger water reservoir, which adds 40ml to the reservoir of the S6 base model. However, all aspects of mopping including water control and cleaning are virtually identical.

Even though the S6 Pure can clean a greater area than the S6 Pure, it still produces the same results. To mop the floor, you will need to turn the vacuum on three times. Depending on the size of your floor, this process can take up to several hours.

Although the floors will look cleaner after the robots leave, they won’t clean up as well as floors that you cleaned yourself. Actually, unlike other all-in one mopping machines, the mopping is not as good. The S6 Pure lacks mopping abilities, but the S6 Pure does not.

Bottom Line: The mopping ability isn’t improved, but the S6 Pure still wins because it can cover more square footage.

Do Roborocks Work Better than Roomba

Roomba technology produces cleaner vacuums in general. Roborock models are more navigable and have 2-in-1 vacuums that vacuum and mop.26 Jan 2021

Is The Roborock S6 Worth It?

The Roborock S6 ($649.99 on Amazon) is one of those top-of-the-line robotic vacuums that is truly worth the investment. It does an excellent job at the basics and has impressive suction power while still being quiet, and it has a ton of bonus features like extra filters, mopping, an app, and Amazon Alexa compatibility.7 Oct 2020

Roborock S6 Pure Mop – Can it be?

S6 Pure is not able to mop as all other mop and vacuums have. It is easy to use the mop function, and the S6 Pure was able to clean the floors. If you have pets or live with multiple people, the S6 Pure won’t be able to clean your entire home. 30 Apr 2020

Roborock s6 pure mop and vacuum at the same time

It can vacuum as well as mop, so you’ll be able to do two jobs at once. It also has an HEPA filter that is designed to protect allergy sufferers. …24 Jun 2019

.Roborock S6 Pure Review

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