Samsung Sj55W Review

Samsung Sj55W Review

Samsung Sj55W Review

Samsung 34-Inch Sj55W Ultrawide Review

Samsung gaming monitor review. Updated 2021 Amazon price, screen size, resolution and details. Is this Samsung monitor right for a PC gamer?

Do you need the Samsung SJ55W ultrawide, 34 inch?

PCGame. Benchmark has tested 751 gaming monitors to discover the best. Some of the lesser-known brands have been left out. To show only the top gaming monitors, we have filtered. This Samsung monitor made it to our 2021 list.

This is a good time to get a brand new gaming monitor for your PC. Samsung’s great graphics are used in many of the games. This means there are plenty of Samsung deals available. It’s important to have high quality graphics when playing games. Unfortunately, some gaming monitors sold along with computers are quite poor. A monitor can be used alongside a gaming notebook. The monitor’s display size is also called viewable image size (VIS). It refers to the actual size of the screen where the videos are being displayed, not the case. The size of a screen is the length of its diagonal, which is the distance between opposite corners, usually in inches. The extra large display is 34 inches. To see similar monitors at different prices, visit our Compare Monitors Page.

You can see the screen specs at the bottom. Maximum resolution is 3440×1440 pixels. Refresh rate is 75 Hz. Time to respond is 4 ms. The Samsung Monitor 1440p can operate at 75 Hz.

This gaming monitor weighs 15.21 lbs – important to know if you’re taking it to live events or college. Black is the monitor’s colour.

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PCGame. PCGame. These scores are combined to give a percentage rating. Screen quality for this monitor was 5/5. Quality of materials were 4/5. Image quality was 4.3/5. Brightness and brightness were both 4.2/5. Value-for-money scores for the gaming section are 4.2/5. That makes an aggregate score of 87%.

Samsung Sj55W Review

What Is Samsung Sj55W?

Samsung SJ55W has a ultrawide 34-inch display. Buyers love its affordable price and wide range of features. You can read this review for more details.

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Samsung Sj55W Review

Samsung Sj55W 34 Inch Ultrawide Wqhd Monitor. Unboxing, Setting up and Review. Ls34J552Wqnxza

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Unboxing and review of the Samsung 34 inch ultrawide WQHD 3440 x 1440 75 Hz SJ55W monitor. Exact model is: LS34J552WQNXZA Chapters

00:00 Introduction

00:09 Unboxing

02:17 Assembly and ports

03:49 Appearance on desk

04:02 Driver installation

.Samsung Sj55W Review

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