Shield Hero Review

Shield Hero Review

Shield Hero Review

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 1: Part 2 Review

The Rising of the Shield Hero has proven itself a worthwhile isekai series. Although the series has its faults and some criticisms are valid, there’s still much to enjoy here. With a further two seasons yet to come, fans of the show have a lot to look forward to.

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Shield Hero Review

The Rising Of The Shield Hero: Anime Review

What’s isekai? Isekai is an anime and manga genre that centers on a person being summoned or killed and reincarnated in another world. It is usually fantasy. There is something I like about most isekai stories is the potential they offer and that it could go anywhere. But a lot, or all, of these stories take place in fantasy worlds. These stories can be self-inserted power fantasies, glorified Harems, and a combination of both. There are some isekai stories that deviates from the norm like Re:Zero and That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, but those are usually the exceptions. Since I previously reviewed an isekai in Kono, it’s not my first exposure to them. Suba is a parody on this genre. The subject of today’s post is Aneko Yasagi’s first light novel. Aiyakyu then made it into a manga series. Finally, he made an animated adaptation. So you can see that I sometimes fall behind in keeping up with the latest trend. This is The Rising Of The Shield Hero.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero – What is it? Naofumi, a Japanese student, is summoned from Japan to another dimension with three others to be Legendary Heroes. Each person gets a weapon, including a sword or bow and a spear. Naofumi receives the shield. Four heroes are required to be prepared for the invasion of waves-like monsters. For different reasons, controversy has erupted over the premiere episode. In the episode’s first episode Naofumi has difficulty finding members of his party for quests. Myne Sophia, the name of the girl who eventually joined his party, was falsely accused by Myne of rape. The whole kingdom shuns him. Yyyyyeah. This anime was released at an unfortunate time. Rape stories are a risky subject and many of these stories do not handle it well. True allegations of rape do sometimes occur but are far less frequent than those in actual cases. With the way that Naofumi was beaten by the locals, this adds an unnecessary level of venom. Storylines where the main character is constantly tortured or beaten up without breaks or wins don’t appeal to me. This anime does a lot. Some episodes reach Chicken Little levels. Yeah, I said it. There are Chicken Little levels where, even if the townsfolk were to die, they wouldn’t be able to make me cry for them. Even though Naofumi can be described as a complete scumbag and is only a small step from incel territory I see how the kingdom views him as the Shield Hero. It’s something that the series will teach him. You don’t know why the Shield Hero dislikes the King. It’s possible that this is explained in the source material. Maybe they will give the answer in a subsequent season.

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This anime also has its problems. In that same first episode, Naofumi goes to a slave trader because he needs someone in his party that can fight for him. Raphtalia, half-racoon demihuman, is what he takes to Naofumi, who then buys his wife. Naofumi orders her to wear a crest. It causes severe pain whenever she ignores it. What do you think? It was a strange way to handle the entire slave situation. Raphtalia also decided to keep the slave crest of Naofumi as a token of her trust. Her family was killed in the First Wave of attacks. She and her village were forced into slavery. The demi-humans represent minority groups. Why does she keep the slave crest? Chief, this isn’t it. Here’s the issue where I get to nitpick. The third member of Naofumi’s party is Filo, a bird species called a Fiolial that can transform into a young girl with wings. A young girl really with wings. A young girl named Melty is also accompanying them. She’s related with the king, Myne. I don’t like lolicons in anime.

You know what? It’s a good idea to talk right now about this character. So Myne Sophia. You might find it a little rude, so please forgive me. *clears throat* Fuck. THIS. BITCH. Get rid of her. Her character is possibly the most vile in anime history. While she may not be as bad as Shou Tucher and Griffith, she is quite horrible. She’s been accused of deceiving Naofumi and stealing his things, accusing him rape, forcing her father, King, to make Naofumi’s lives miserable, pumping up Naofumi’s ego, getting him to slap her sister, etc. We can’t be sure that she isn’t the main antagonist of this series. She sure behaves like one. I hate this character so much that my blood boils every time she’s on-screen. It was thrilling to see her stand trial with the King for her crime in episode 21, which happens to be my favourite episode. Instead of being executed like planned, she has to live the rest of her life with “Bitch” and “Slut” as her names. Granted, I don’t know why she’s still hanging around the Spear Hero’s party afterwards, but she at least got her comeuppance. Spear Hero has an unattractive face and is a douchebag.

OK, it was frustrating. So what’s the point of this series? The Shield Hero is more of a folk hero, helping the average man. While the others tackle larger quests. Naofumi is responsible for cleaning up after the heroes have finished their missions. In an episode, he visits a village struck by a plague. It is caused by the Sword Hero’s death. He has to face a monstrous plant which overran another village. It was brought on by the Spear Hero. The seed came from a grave. Naofumi, despite his limitations in offensive ability, learns new skills to benefit himself and his group while working as a trader and craftsman throughout the land. The series moves forward and he improves his shield. Let’s not forget the last: the first song opens with a bang. While the second opening song can be good, it doesn’t top this.

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The Rising Of The Shield Hero. It’s difficult to read at the start and follows many of the tropes associated to the isekai style, but the animation is good, the character’s journey from an average person to hero is interesting, and the action for an isekai is quite impressive. Once you get past the first few episodes, it gets better. This is definitely an above-average anime that I wouldn’t call one of my favorites, but I am interested to see where it goes. The good news is that they announced the second and third seasons. It’s worth checking out, if it interests you. The complete series is available for download on Crunchyroll or Funimation. Next time, I’ll be talking about Cannon Busters.

You can have peace. You are welcome!

Shield Hero Review

Overall Quality – Very Low

Recommendation – Avoid it. I do not recommend The Rising of the Shield Hero to anyone.

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Shield Hero Review

The Rising Of The Shield Hero


Naofumi iwatani, self-declared otaku is forced to admit that he should have read Fushigi. Upon reaching the library to begin reading it, Naofumi was transported to another dimension with three men. They are meant to take up the mantles of the legendary heroes, and Naofumi is the Shield Hero, equipped with a magical shield that won’t let him use any other weapon. He doesn’t have this disadvantage alone. The young men all seem to originate from different worlds. Naofumi feels trapped and torturized by his co-heroes and ends up on his own in a precarious spot. These magical world stories aren’t all they’re cracked up to be…



Naofumi, a self-described otaku, realizes that Fushigi Yuki was not the right book for him. He then picks up an obscure text on four heroes who were summoned to battle demonic hordes. Naofumi is transported from one world to another with three others. Naofumi (the Shield Hero) is the Shield Hero. He has a magic shield which prevents him from using other weapons. He doesn’t suffer from this disadvantage alone. Each of these young men come from different worlds. Naofumi feels trapped and tormented at the hands of his peers heroes. The magical stories of the world aren’t as they seem.


It’s possible to be forgiven for writing Aneko Jusagi, The Rising of the Shield Hero novel as if you had read it before. But that’s not fair. Yes, it is another series where virtual reality becomes the new reality in a game-like world, and yes, the hero of the series must become the ultimate hero in order to save himself/his friends/the world/whatever. Because plots are often repeated, it’s pointless to assume that you know the story. However, each author will take a unique approach to the subject matter. Don’t put off reading The Rising of the Shield Hero just because you thought you have. There are better reasons to not read it.

Shield Hero Review

Motoyasu Is An Idiot

Oh, I was so happy with this episode. Itsuki, Ren and I are not dead. Although I did not like them initially, I now like them. The episode was two-thirds through and they have started to listen to Naofumi. We’ll see what happens next. I need the next episode! This series’s quality is unbelievable.

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Next time: Four Cardinal Heroes (Si Sheng Yong Zhe ).

Shield Hero Review

The Rising Of The Shield Hero, Episode 1.

Reviews By: January 7, 2019

The Rising of the Shield Hero premiere is not being reviewed at Anime Female.

Watching the episode made me realize that it was more terrible than I expected. It was the worst series I’ve ever seen.

When I was contemplating how to approach this review, it became clear that there were many options. I thought about pretending to review it from an incel point-of-view, but that felt a little too close to the truth. Though I had thought of writing with vitriole and rage, it was really pointless. This series is premised on false rape allegations and slavery apologism. Our readers are aware of this fact and will be more interested in it. We can’t get into hooliganism over it.

The Ani. We felt the same way about Fem, so we tried something else. We’ll never call for censorship or removal of media, but we can choose who and what we promote.

Therefore, instead of complaining about an episode or bringing attention to a series that isn’t good (which Crunchyroll does a lot, as they choose to coproduce the show), we’ll give this visibility to several organizations that assist victims of human trafficking, rape, and other forms of sexual assault. We encourage our readers to support these groups through both donations and signal-boosting as well.

The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, one of America’s largest survivors organizations, is located in Washington, D.C. This organization also has a sexual assault hotline. But its most important function is to link people with the resources they require. Their site can be used to locate local shelters and organizations to which you could donate.

Is Shield Hero The Most Powerful?

Naofumi, the mental strongest of the heroes, is also far more mature and strong than others. It’s fitting that he is the main protagonist… it’s also only right that he has gone through hell to earn his strength. Naofumi, the shield hero.

Shield Hero was Cancelled

Crunchyroll Expo 2019, 2019: Fans were thrilled to hear that the series had been renewed. June 14, 2021

Are Rising Of The Shield Hero and Popular?

Rising of the Shield Hero was the biggest anime of the season, dominating many discussions during the winter and spring 2019 seasons. This is no surprise, considering the popularity of the series in Japan well into the Summer seasons. August 20, 2019.

Why is The Rising Of The Shield Hero so Popular?

“The Rising of the Shield Hero” get popular because of the storyline. Citrus Studios uses the “Zero to Hero”, storyline that is most loved by Otakus. Naruto is a good example of an anime with the same type storyline.

.Shield Hero Review

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