Soul Republic Headphones Review

Soul Republic Headphones Review

Soul Republic Headphones Review


They seem to be able to withstand the test of many different music genres. Blasting Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff” The mix of screaming vocals, drum beats, guitar riffs, and drummers can clearly be heard with no distortion. Adele did a wonderful job singing “Skyfall”, the theme song. Here, you can certainly feel the high and middle.

The “Fly” was an enjoyable way to listen to music. These are directly going into the ear canal so I’d like to see more bass. The isolation of music and the ability to stop outside noises from coming in is definitely a benefit. Listening to what people hear is never something I like. To me, it’s just annoying. They were cheaper than Sol Republic Amps headphones, but they had better clarity.

Some of the better ear buds I have used in some time. These ear buds are extremely sound-quality and comfortable. Even wearing them for long periods of time didn’t feel any pain or discomfort.

If you are looking for the ultimate listening experience, these earphones would suit your needs. While $149.99 seems high, they are worth every penny. You might also like the Soul SL150 model, which we reviewed recently.

.Soul Republic Headphones Review

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