Titan Quest Switch Review

Titan Quest Switch Review

Titan Quest Switch Review

Review: Titan Quest (Nintendo Switch)

Titan Quest is one the most popular “Diablo-clones”, following the hit action RPG by Blizzard. Originally released in 2006 it maintains the same hack-and slash combat and character customization that made Diablo so popular. However, the setting is classical mythology and takes players through Egypt, China and Greece as they hunt for the rogue titans.

You can expect solid gameplay and lots of action. This game, originally intended for keyboard and mouse use has been reworked to work well on handheld systems. Although local multiplayer is nice, it will require a second controller/set of Joycons to be able to play this mode.

You may also find Titan Quest on Play. Station 4. Read Matt’s review of that version.

Titan Quest gives you the opportunity to play as Helos’ warrior warrior. You will be assigned to investigate an explosion of monster activity. A group of titans that were imprisoned at the hands of the Olympian gods have been fighting to free themselves, which is why there’s a sudden influx of mythical creatures like harpies, myrmidons and centaurs. The only way to stop them is to take you on an epic journey through Asia, Egypt, Greece and Ancient Greece.

The plot is actually not very interesting. It’s not helped by small dialog boxes which can be difficult to read, scrolling at a slow speed and hard-to-follow dialogue boxes. However, it’s not important other than creating a lovely and relaxing environment for hacking and slashing.

Titan Quest’s main draw is its hacking and slashing. It plays it close to the classic Diablo formula, with a simple combat system that mostly involves mashing away on the Y button to carve your way through hundreds of enemies that assail you. The combat system isn’t particularly deep but you have the option to see the entire battlefield from an isometric perspective. You can use this to your advantage and not get overwhelmed.

Titan Quest’s depth and excitement comes from your levelling up, learning new skills and collecting an enormous amount of loot. A wide range of different skills are available to you through different “masteries”, which are this game’s version of character classes. The focus of warfare mastery is melee combat. Nature’s defense magic and support magic are focused on Nature, while Hunting focuses more on ranged combat.

Titan Quest Switch Review

Titan Quest

First released for PC on PC then transferred to mobile platforms. This game was first released on Xbox One in 2015. THQ Nordic’s Diablo clone Titan Quest, a god-annoying Diablo clone, made good waves on PC. THQ’s combination of Greek mythology (and deep character progression) gave Blizzard’s legendary RPG a run for it’s money. Titan Quest hit Play and Xbox One earlier this year. With the expected results, Station 4 was released. While it was well received by most gamers and enjoyed by fans of the genre, it didn’t do much to make an impact. It’s finally here on Switch. The response will likely be similar, with one small exception: there isn’t much lootathon ARPGs available on Nintendo’s new console. Titan Quest has been made portable.

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As with games like Diablo, Dungeon Hunter and Sacred, Titan Quest puts you in charge of an initially weak protagonist thrust into a war with ancient monsters, legendary nasties, vengeful spirits and powerful gods. By leveling up XP and looting other players for better gear, you’ll become more powerful. It is displayed from an isometric perspective. You have a zoom-able lens that allows you to see every detail as you aim for maximum levelling.

In content, there is little to no change in the Switch version. It has the same campaign (playable alone or online with friends) and similar content as previous versions. Unfortunately, there is no touchscreen inventory management in this 2016’s i. OS. Given that the biggest issue with that version was the framerate, which is unquestionably improved on Switch (I did notice more slow-down and stuttering on the Switch version compared to the other consoles, which isn’t a deal-breaker but certainly isn’t a plus), this could well have been the factor that elevated this version above Xbox One and PS4. However, buttons can be configured exactly as on the console version. Titan Quest Switch is capable of video recording, but it’s not essential. There’s no need to purchase another model if the current versions offer this functionality.

This game is simply a port to a basic hack ‘n slash action-RPG. It’s worth noting that if you own the Switch as your main console, the game doesn’t offer much in the way of levelling and looting. You might find Battle Chasers Nightwar or Octopath Traveller more appealing for RPG enthusiasts.

Titan Quest Switch Review

Titan Quest Nintendo Switch Review – Feels Familiar In A Good Way

Titan Quest Nintendo Switch Review by Switch. Watch Developer:THQ Nordic (Iron Lore Entertainment initially) Release Date of THQ Nordic July 31st 2018 Prices as of: Article

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39.99 USD, PS35.99 GBP. Game code provided to me by THQ Nordic. I was a Diablo 2 player growing up. Because of its vast arsenal of weapons, and the incredible depth offered by the stat investing system and customizable skill trees, I found it to be a game in which I could get lost and spent hours. While I’ve been looking for games to help me recreate the Diablo experience from the original handheld console, the Switch has not yet provided any. Until now.

Titan Quest was originally released on the PC in 2006 and came at a time when fans of the Diablo series were greatly thirsting for a new experience. Finally, in March of this year, the game was brought to consoles with a slight delay for its Switch release. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game were heavily criticized upon release for being a buggy mess which many fans were extremely disappointed in. It was released, however, with many of those bug fixes which were later made available for all console versions.

It is a bit of an old game, but is it still worth your hard-earned cash? Take a look at our Titan Quest reviews to see what we think!

This event took place in ancient Greece. The peaceful countryside was overrun by monstrous creatures culled from mythology. Satyrs and Minotaurs run amok destroying villages and social stability in the country. Temples are overrun with Gorgons setting about turning once valiant heroes into stone with their petrifying gaze. Great heroes are born in times of terrible catastrophe to face the evil. The game’s premise is this:

In ages long past, the gods of ancient Greece sealed away powerful, malicious beings called the Titans who desired nothing more than to see the extinction of the greatest creation of the gods: humanity. There were three powerful sorcerers named the Telkines that could summon all manners of demonic foes. To defeat the Telkine invasion, the player must travel to real life locations.

The story itself is not the main focus of this game but rather is simply there is help propel the player along their quest and give them a reason to travel among the different locations taking down the creature of lore. The focus of this game is not really to develop a deep engagement with the story and is rather to just go out and kill monsters while collecting loot. This being said, the fact that the game takes place in real-world locales and draws inspiration from the mythology of these places is charming.

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Titan Quest Switch Review

Titan Quest is a huge game

Waypoints are far and few between in cities, so there isn’t much fast travel to specific locations.

They are not random generated. Your journey through this vast, multi-regional world will follow a relatively straight line. Every town that you come across will provide a route point to allow you the opportunity to go back. There will be a few places to travel between every city and get rid of all enemies. The layout and type of enemies in your maps is not randomly generated. This keeps every run exciting and fresh. You won’t find way points in each one of these locations like you would in the Diablo series, so quickly jumping back to specific locations doesn’t work here.

You will discover Rebirth Fountains as you travel. They activate whenever you approach them. These will help you progress because you’ll spawn at your most recent activated Rebirth Fountain when you die, or start the game again. Keep your Rebirth Fountain current. Losing it could cause you to have to go back and forth from the previous town. This is one of the greatest dangers I found in playing online. Use a town portal to reach the players ahead and behind you. When you activate a Rebirth Fountain to create a new one, you lose your current one. This flaw is one of my biggest criticisms about the Rebirth Fountain system.

Titan Quest I thought was an incredible game. It is true that the game took me 20 hours to finish. 18 of those hours were spent just completing the first of four currently available acts. That is an incredible amount of work! In Diablo 2, for example, you can progress from the first to the third act in roughly 8 hours. Here was a little over twice that time just invested in completing the first one. It can be quite time-consuming to go from one point to another, which is why I was surprised at the game’s size. The game is quite challenging, and you can expect to be on a lengthy journey.

*This review was written by Brian Myers for switchwatch.co.uk style=”display:block; text-align:center;” data-ad-layout=”in-article” data-ad-format=”fluid” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-5661714653949151” data-ad-slot=”5669732186”> Music is not at the forefront of this experience. Often, exploration is accompanied solely by the cries of monsters and the sounds of combat. Although music from your region might be added to the atmosphere of engagement sometimes, it is important that the primary focus remains on exploration. Sound effects and music can set the mood.

Switch: Can Quest be a good option?

Given the vast amount of content, the Switch edition seems both useful and entertaining in its current state. Even though there’s still plenty to do, Titan Quest is a worthy launch. July 30, 2018, 06:00 p.m.

Is Ragnarok included in Titan Quest Switch?

This is worth one Troy. Included will be the full Titan Quest game plus Immortal Throne expansion, but not the game’s new Ragnarok expansion, released last month. This… Dec 13, 2017

Is Titan Quest Like Diablo?

Titan Quest, which is similar to Diablo, was first set in ancient Greece. This game took place before all mythological creatures vanished. It’s simple: you choose a character. The rest of their story is determined by your choices as you move up.

Is Titan Quest Couch Co-Op?

Vienna, Austria, June 27th, 2018: Titan Quest gets a massive update today and finally adds couch co-op for all gamers on PlayStation(r)4 computer entertainment system, and across the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X.Jun 27, 2018

.Titan Quest Switch Review

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