Tozo Nc9 Review

Tozo Nc9 Review

Tozo Nc9 Review

Review: Tozo NC9 – Superior Performance And Simplicity

ToZO NC9 Earphones with a silicone tip

We want to thank TOZO first for providing Headphonesty with the opportunity to test and review their TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth TWS Stereo earphones. Like I do, I did my own evaluation of the NC9 and didn’t review them.

Bluetooth earphones that can be used at the gym, outdoors exercising, or work. After doing comparisons, I settled on TOZO’s T10s.

I was surprised at how well they turned out. With the NC9, they are certainly keeping that trend alive with me. What exactly was surprising? We’ll find out. The following review was based solely on real world testing and actual use. It is not deep technical diving. TOZO does not provide any technical details. These headphones are not TWS-style earphones for audiophiles with high spending budgets. Many of you will just want an answer to “how are they and how do you like them?” TOZO NC9 The TOZO NC9 is super impressive at this price point, and in my opinion, easily competes with TWS earphones costing 2x or more. At the time this is written, these are my new everyday ‘go to go-everywhere’ TWS earphones.

Tozo Nc9 Review


TOZO T6 Truly Wireless: See TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless: TOZO T6 Truly Wireless TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless. The overall performance of the TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless is similar to the TOZO T6 Truly Wireless. Your listening preferences may dictate which one you prefer. Thanks to their ANC feature, the NC9 offer a bit better noise isolation, especially against bass-heavy background noises like bus and plane engines. T6 are slightly more leaky and have longer battery lives.

Tozo Nc9 Review

Review: Tozo Nc9 – Exceptional Performance And Simplicity

“>Tozo Nc9 Review

Tozo NC9 Bluetooth headphones is the newest Bluetooth earbuds. The NC9 is a TOZO product, and it’s based in America.

TOZO offers a variety of electronic products including headphones.

Tozo NC9 reviews: We’ll take a closer look at its features and decide if they are worthwhile.

Tozo Nc9 Review

Should I Buy Them

Tozo NC9 Bluetooth headphones are a great choice for those who want to save money on Bluetooth earbuds. They have excellent sound quality and noise cancelling, as well as long lasting battery life. The TOZO NC9 earbuds are a top-rated product on Amazon and have received hundreds of good reviews from customers.

They are a lot cheaper than some other products on the market, but they sound just as good. Still, they are much more affordable, so they are a right choice for people who don’t want to spend too much money on their headphones but still want excellent quality sound, comfort and noise cancellation features.

Tozo Nc9 Review


Tozo NC9 earbuds I believe are the best choice for anyone who wants good quality sound, comfort and noise reduction but doesn’t want too expensive headphones. These earbuds are affordable and have received hundreds of good reviews from satisfied customers. I highly recommend them.

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[(Transparent Mode)] You can hear what you want to hear, which…

[(Built-in Dual Noise Cancelling Microphone)] Double microphone…

[(One-step Pairing] Pick up your headsets from the charger…

Tozo NC9 wireless Bluetooth earbuds will last more than…

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Tozo Nc9 Review

Tozo Nc9 Hybrid Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

TOZO is an established manufacturer of sound gear. In the past, we’ve reviewed their TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds , and we were mostly impressed. The first thing we noticed when we opened the TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds was the ergonomics. The buds have long, slender stems that are designed to sit deep inside your ear canals. Even when being active, these stems will ensure that your buds fit securely. Of course, a secure fit depends on using the correct set of ear tips. The NC9 set includes three more sets, in different sizes. This will almost guarantee that your ears are comfortable.

Small earbud shells further enhance the ergonomics of NC9 earbuds. These earbuds don’t get stuck to your ear because they are so compact. This is a great way to eliminate discomfort. A soft-touch button is located on each bud. You can skip tracks, play or pause your music, answer or end calls, and activate your voice assistant. Additionally, NC9 buds are IPX6-rated for water resistance. They won’t tolerate submersion but will tolerate any type of water. Even if you wear them in the shower, they’re going to come out just fine.

The charging case is constructed from a matte black ABS plastic, with an attractive silver ring around the opening. It has a clamshell design, and is spring-loaded for security and ease of use. The lid can be easily opened by using one thumb thanks to a small groove. Below the lid, there are four rows of white LED lights that display current battery levels. The case comes with a USB Type C charger cable. This plugs into a port in the back of the case, which is discreetly located under the lid hinge.

Tozo Nc9 Review

Final Verdict

You can clearly see that the only thing that distinguishes these earbuds from each other is their physical design. There are other things that you should consider. We’ll review the lessons learned. To start, let’s look at the TOZO NC9 Wireless Earbuds. The buds provide great ergonomics and a deep in-ear fit. Because they are very secure, these buds won’t come apart during any physical activity. The battery life was disappointing, particularly given TOZO’s advertising. However, the audio quality was exceptional and we received better call quality than we anticipated.

Tao. Tronics Sound. Liberty 88 True Wireless Earbuds are more simple and have an Air. Pod-style design. This offers more comfort for those with sensitive ears. The fit is not secure by nature. Although the battery life was not as long as that of the TOZO it worked just like advertised. Sound quality was comparable to the TOZO. Nevertheless, the accelerometers built in and hands-free calling are much appreciated.

Tozo Nc9 Review

20Decebel/Tozo Nc9 Vs Tronsmart Apollo Bold

Tronsmart Apollo Bold (left), and ZEN 233621 (right). As of July 2020, there is a $90 Tronsmart Apollo Bold. You can also get it as ZEN 233621 ANC. However, this version has poorer touch controls.

While Ambient Mode and Tozo NC9 are comparable, ANC active cancellation is a bit better than the 20Decebel/ Tozo NC9. The earbuds adapt to the form of your ears. This means that it blocks out a significant amount of noise. The Apollo Bold/ 63321 puts through more higher-pitched noises, like kids and birds. You will also notice that the 20Decebel displays less white noise. This makes noise-canceling more natural. While it’s not much, this is still a significant win for TozoNC9/20 Decebel.

Both rivals have warm and rich sounds with powerful boosted bass. The 20Decebel/ Tozo NC9 controls its bass better, whereas the Apollo/ 233621 can be boomier in the lows. 20Decebel sounds more dynamic. Its bass is stronger and its upper-mids have more depth. Vocals can be heard with greater energy and room. Apollo Bold/ 633621 sound more casual, has deeper vocals and less recessed mids.

The Apollo Bold and 233621 ZEN offer better call quality than the Tozo NC9 and 20Decebel, however. The Tronsmart might be your best option if this is important to you.

Tronsmart Apollo Bold/ ZEN 233621 ANC review

Tozo Nc9 Review

Tozo Nc9 Vs Boltune Anc Bt-Bh023

Boltune ANC BH023, like the Tozo gets a number of rave reviews on Amazon very quickly after it’s released. No wonder. The Tozo/20 Decebel has a smaller part that fits in your ears. This makes it much more comfortable. With a similar thumping bass and greater detail in mid- and highs, the sound is engaging. Newcomer sound is more refined and deeper. It is more effective at noise cancellation than the NC9/20Decebel. It filters lower frequency sounds out and blocks even more louder noises. Boltune also has a noticeable white noise effect – it is just as peaceful as its counterpart.

Tozo NC9 vs Apple Air. Pods Pro The best for last: the $60 Tozo NC9 is a better deal than the $250 Apple Air. Pods PRO. The Pods Pro offers superior passive noise isolation, strong ANC and more quiet than Apple’s other alternative. It also reduces background sounds and incidents. Better call quality and multipoint-connection on Apple devices may still be reasons to go with the Air. The Pro version has more punch, but it will not have the Tozo or 20 Decebel’s powerful bass. The Pro’s however have more details in the vocals and middles.

Apple Air. Test: Apple Air. previously awarded Edifier TWS NB the title as the best ANC wireless earbuds. But, now it sees itself being beaten in the battle by Tozo NC9/ 20 Decebel. The newcomer is lighter, more comfortable to wear, and offers better passive noise isolation out of itself. The Edifier produces higher quality sounds, which makes the ANC even better. Although the Voicetrough is still more convenient for newcomers, the Edifier ambient mode can be even better. TWS NB’s battery life is longer. Although both headphones sound great and produce a deep bass, the Edifier produces more mid-tones with more clarity and vocals. Comfort and fit are important, and the Tozo NC9 20 Decebel/ Tozo NC9 win.

Edifier TWS NB review

Tozo Nc9 Review

Tozo Nc9 and MpowX3

You can always be sure that Mpow will release an ANC earphone. However, Mpow’s X3 noise cancellation system is weaker than that of its competitor. The X3 puts through more higher-pitched sounds like wind and brighter traffic noises, and there’s a more noticeable white noise instead of a real silent effect. Mpow X3 has a much better sound. The X3 produces a pleasant listen with a controlled, uplifting bass and clearer vocals. Also, the call quality is much better than Tozo NC9’s 20 Decebel/ Tozo NC9.

All TWS reviews and ratings here

Tozo Nc9 Review

Buy Tozo Nc9/ 20Decebel Anc/ Taotronics Soundliberty 94/ Dyplay Anc Shield Pro:

Dyplay ANC Shield Pro available on Amazon US Tozo NC9 and Amazon US Tozo NC9, as well as other Amazon shops. Ali has 20Decebel-ANC. Express TaoTronics SoundLiberty 94 Amazon Germany Dyplay ANC Shield Pro Amazon US TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany I bought the TaoTronics SoundLibertronics SoundLiberty 94 and 20 Decebel ANC TWS and SoundLiberty 94 for my own review. For testing and reviewing, Dyplay ANC Shield Pro came to me from the manufacturer. My reviews are 100% independent and non-commercial . You can read my full review of this product here. I’d really appreciate it if you use the links in this article . While it won’t add any extra costs, I will be able to use the links as a financial support in my continuing quest for affordable and great audio. Read:

Coumi ANC-860 wireless earphones review: Excellent sound and low ANC Mpow Mbits review: These earbuds are very affordable with great bass.

Do Tozo Nc9 Earbuds Have A Mic?

The TOZO NC9 are okay for phone calls. They are suitable for telephone calls.

Is Tozo A Good Earbud Brand?

Tozo T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds might be Amazon’s third most popular earbuds but they are also the best-reviewed. One thousand people gave the headphones five star reviews in 2018. This makes them more popular than the AirPods.

Can You Wear Tozo Nc9 In The Shower?

These are IPX6-rated, meaning they can withstand light rain and dust particles. I wouldn’t recommend swimming with them or in showers or baths.

How can Tozo be connected to Nc9

Take out the 2 earbuds from charging case, they will power on automatically and will connect each other automatically within 10 seconds.The two earbuds flash red and blue alternately. (Pairing mode) Search for “TOZO NC9” and click on it.

.Tozo Nc9 Review

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