Very Good Butchers Review

Very Good Butchers Review

The Very Good Food Company
Industry Food
Founded 2017

; 4 years ago



Founder Mitchell Scott, James Davison



Victoria, BC

, Canada



Very Good Butchers Review

Their Story

Also, I like the fact that they are more healthy than traditional plant-based proteins. I love Beyond or Impossible Burgers. But, there are lots of harmful chemicals in them.

We were tired of the lackluster plant-based meats available. Our founders wanted to change that. As trained chefs with years of experience, they set out to make the most delicious and nutritious plant-based meats they could, and in our humble opinion, they nailed it!.

After selling out Denman Island’s farmer markets in BC, the bean butchers knew what they were doing. In just 3 years, they brought their amazing beans to Victoria where they started the West Coast’s first ever plant-based butchery. “Our (not so small) Butcher Shop has opened online, ready to serve some Very Good Food on your plates.” I’ve tried every meat product except the Vegan Stuffed Beast ($39.). The perfect alternative to traditional holiday turkeys, this 1.3kg (2.8 lb) roast can feed up to 7 people. Unfortunately, it is not currently available.

Butcher boxes are the only thing I’ve purchased so far. They do sell individual products, so I won’t be ordering a full set. But once the sausages are available in the USA it’ll be an entirely different story. Luckily, they have large boxes full of goodies, that I’m about to get to next…

Is The Very Good Butcher Better Than Beyond Meat?

The Very Good Food Company, Canada, outperforms other meat companies in its Q2 results. California Facility opened. The Very Good Food Company is the company behind The Very Good Butcher. It just revealed its Q2 financial results. 4, 2020

Who Owns Very Good Butchers?

Mitchell Scott He’s responsible for the business operations and marketing of The Very Good Butchers.

Is Very Good Butchers Organic?

It’s known as the Very Very Very Very Good Burger. We don’t disagree. Our signature hamburger is made from a AAA-grade vegan bean patt, with organic vegetables, spices, including carrots, beets, old-fashioned mayonnaise, and tahini. It’s rich, hearty and earthy with a classic BBQ flavor and perfect texture.

Can Very Good Butcher Products be Gluten Free?

Family owned plant-based butchery offering organic, wholesome and delicious gluten-free meat alternatives.

.Very Good Butchers Review

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