Target Video Game Return Policy 2022

Target Video Game Return Policy 2022 (Xbox, Ps4, Ps5, Wii)

Target is one of America’s largest retailers and sells many products online and in stores.

  • What if you’re not happy with the video games you purchased from Target? How can you return them? Here is everything I’ve found out about Target’s video game return policy!
  • Target Video Game Return Policy For 2022
  • Target will accept returns of unopened and unused video games for Xbox, PS4, PS5, Wii, and Nintendo Switch within 30 days of purchase as of 2022. You must bring the original receipt and a valid photo ID for a full refund. Target RedCard holders are eligible to return their video games in under 60 days.

  • For more information on returning open games, returning merchandise without a receipt or how to prolong your return time at Target please keep reading.
  • How do I return the video games that were purchased from Target Stores

    You can return unopened video games to any Target store for a full refund or exchange within 30 days (with no stocking fees) if you have the original receipt.

    To verify your identity, you must also bring along the original method payment form and a government-issued photo ID.

    Target Guest Services is available to help you complete your in-store return.

    You may also call Target Guest Services Team to arrange a return.

    Here are the typical waiting times for refunds, depending on the mode of payment you used to purchase your video game or console:

  • Credit card for third parties – 1 to 3 Days
  • Target RedCard 1 to 2 Days
  • Cash – 1 – 2 Days
  • Moreover, requesting a Target refund through an Online Return Centre may take up to 5 days to process.

    Are Video Games Returnable to Target without Receipts?

    You can return video games to Target without a receipt if you can provide alternative proof of purchase.

    Target will allow you to track your orders if the payment method used is one of these:

  • Target REDcard
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Check in person
  • Target gift card (which is something you have to retain)
  • If you bought the game online, you can access the digital barcode or receipt from your account to prove your purchase.

    You will receive a merchandise return card if you’re unable to show proof of purchase.

    This is only valid in-store at Target, and cannot be redeemed online at

    Target Video Game Return Policy 2022 (Xbox, PS4, PS5, Wii)

    Do I have the right to return my video game after 30 days?

    Target will accept returns of video games within 30 days. However, you won’t receive full reimbursement.

    Instead, you will be given the equivalent of the item’s lowest price in the last 90 days to a merchandise gift card, which can only be used in-store.

    Some consoles or video games may have extended return window policies. This is usually enforced by manufacturers.

    Target RedCard customers will get an extra 30 day to return their video games. you will have 60 days after purchase instead of 30 (see below for more info).

    Can I Return Opened Video Games To Target?

    Target cannot accept returned video games that have been opened.

    You can exchange them in-store for the identical title or for the different gaming platform.

    In other words, if you have accidentally purchased a PS4 game, but originally intended to buy the PS5 title, then you can swap it out for the PS5 edition.

    If the original videogame title is out-of-stock, the title can be traded for a new title with the same value. Note that this does not apply to digitally downloaded Target games.

    Do I have the right to return a gift card for gaming to Target?

    Except in areas where law permits, you cannot exchange any entertainment, specialty or pre-paid gift card or cash for Target credit or cash.

    Target has a range of video game and console enhancements like gift cards and subscription cards as well as in-game currency and add-ons.

    How Do I Get A Longer Returns Window?

    Target RedCard holders have a 30-day return policy on most items. This includes consoles and video games.

    If you buy an Xbox via Target RedCard you have 60 days to return it in store along with the receipt to receive a complete refund.

    Target RedCards may be used online to offer member bonuses such as discounts of up to 5%, free delivery, or exclusive deals on various items.

    See our other posts to learn more about Target prices matching Gamestop. You also can view Target’s computer return policy and Target DVD return policies.

  • Conclusion
  • Target accepts returns for new or unopened videogames purchased online or in store within 30 days, except if you have paid with the Target RedCard. You can then return your purchase up to 60 calendar days.

    You cannot exchange open video games for the exact same title, or on the same platform. In-store refunds are available online or via the Target app.

    What can you do to bring back your gaming consoles from Target?

    Target accepts returns on unopened, unopened, or unused games purchased for Xbox, PS4, PS5, Wii and Nintendo Switch between 2022 and 2022. A valid photo ID and the original receipt are required to receive a full reimbursement. Target RedCard holders are eligible to return their video games in under 60 days.

    Do you have the right to return a Video Game after it has been opened?

    A video game that is unopened with the packaging still intact can be returned under the normal return policy. Only one title can be exchanged for an open video game.

    Why Can’T You Return Opened Video Games?

    Copyright laws prevent the game from being returned once it has been opened. The same title can only be exchanged on the exact same console.

    Do you have the right to return opened Playstation Games?

    If you want to receive a refund, the original game must not have been opened. Opened games cannot be exchanged for another title. In the event that the original game is no longer in stock you may exchange it for a new title.

    .Target Video Game Return Policy 2022 (Xbox, Ps4, Ps5, Wii)

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