Where Can I Buy Target Gift Cards Besides Target?

Where Can I Buy Target Gift Cards Besides Target? (Full List…)

Target is an established retail chain with a large customer base in America. Target sells gift card to their customers in different denominations online and in-store.

  • However, if you need to buy a Target gift card and don’t have a Target store nearby, you may be wondering – where can you buy Target gift cards besides Target? Here is what I’ve discovered!
  • Where Can I Buy Target Gift Cards Besides Target? (Full List...)

    Target gift cards available for purchase in other countries than 2022.

    Target sells Target gift cards in over 10,000 U.S. locations, including Kroger, Lowes and Meijer as well as Walgreens, Walgreens and Safeway. Target gift cards can also be sold online by third-party sellers like Amazon or eBay.

  • Keep reading to discover more about Target gift cards and the different denominations that are sold through third-party retail outlets. Also, find out which other websites offer Target gift cards.
  • What Stores Sell Target Gift Cards Beside Target?

    Target gift certificates are available at several major U.S. retail outlets (and also on their web sites).

    You can find information about their availability and fees here.

  • Lowes
  • Target gift card availability: Lowe’s has some stores in the US that sell Target cards. However, these cannot be bought online at Lowes.com. Lowe’s Store Locator allows you to locate and ask at a local store
  • Lowe’s may stock Target gift certificates in their stores, however these cards cannot be sold online. Lowe’s Store Locator is a great way to search for a nearest Lowe’s store.
  • These vary across locations Fees: Lowe’s does not charge any additional fees
  • Kroger
  • Target gift card availability: Target gift cards can be purchased at any Kroger location, as well its online store. You can locate the nearest Kroger stores using this store locator
  • Target gift cards can be purchased at most Kroger stores as well as online. Use this tool to locate your nearest Kroger.
  • There are a range of denominations available, from $15 to $500. No additional fees
  • Save Money with Pick N
  • Availability: Target gift cards are available for in-store purchase as well as in-store pickup after placing an order online. Use this locator to find your Pick N Save store.
  • Target gift certificates can be picked up after online orders and are also available in-store for purchase. This store locator will help you locate your local Pick N Save. Available in fixed denominations, $15 and $25; variable amount cards from $15 to $500
  • Available in fixed denominations of $15 and $25, along with variable amount cards of $15 – $500 Fees: $0.1 is charged when added to your cart online, but is removed at pick-up
  • Rite Aid
  • Target gift certificates are only available in Rite Aid locations. They cannot be ordered online. You can find a Rite Aid in your area by using the Rite Aid Store Locator
  • Target gift certificates are sold only in Rite Aid shops. Use the Rite Aid store locator to visit a nearby Rite Aid Denominations: Vary across different locations, but typically available in both fixed and variable amounts
  • Vary across different locations, but typically available in both fixed and variable amounts Fees: No extra fees is charged by Rite Aid
  • Meijer
  • Target gift card availability: You may find your nearest Meijer retailer stocking them via this link. These cards are not for sale online
  • Target gift certificates are stock in certain Meijer grocery stores. Locate your nearest Meijer by this link. These cards are not available online.
  • There are no additional fees for fixed and variable denominations
  • Staples
  • Availability Target egift cards can only be purchased online at Staples. These are sent via email. This link will take you to the complete list of available options
  • Staples primarily sells Target e-gift cards online that are delivered via email. Visit this link to explore the available options Denominations: Available in denominations of $5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $100, and $200
  • All denominations accepted: $5, $10 and $15.
  • Safeway
  • Target gift cards are only available in Safeway’s stores.
  • You can buy Target gift cards at most Safeway locations, but not online Denominations: These vary across locations
  • They vary depending on where you live.
  • Walgreens
  • Target gift cards can be bought at Walgreens pharmacy but not its online shop.
  • Walgreens stores sell Target gift cards but not online.
  • Available in both fixed denominations of $25, $50, $100, and open denominations of $15-$500 Fees: No extra fees
  • Wawa
  • Available at Wawa: Target gift cards are available in most Wawa stores, but not online.
  • Target gift certificates are stock at Wawa most of the time, but it is not sold online.
  • There are two types of denominations, fixed and open. The fees vary by area.
  • Where Can I Buy Target Gift Cards Besides Target? (Full List...)

    Are Target Gift Cards Available Online?

    Target gift card can be bought online by visiting the Target Gift Cards website.

    Target eGift Cards are available in three formats: an email delivery within 4 hour, a physical Target gift card within 5-7 day, and a mobile Target Gift Card which is typically sent via text messaging within 4 hour.

    Target Gift Cards are also available online via third-party stockists Amazon, eBay, or other gift card websites like:

  • Gyft.com
  • egifter.com
  • giftcardmail.com
  • prezzee.com
  • ngc-group.com
  • giftcardgranny.com
  • You can find digital gift cards and Target eGift Cards online.

    Target.com and Target.com offer digital Target gift cards. You can purchase them by choosing ‘Mobile Delivery’.

    Target eGift card can also be ordered from Target.com, Target.com app and selected ‘Email delivery’.

    Where Can I Buy Target Gift Cards Besides Target? (Full List...)

    How Can I Use My Target Gift Card?

    Target Gift Cards may only be used at Target, and they are also available on Target.com where you can redeem them for all or part their value.

    Target gift cards can be used in-store at checkout to pay for the first payment method before any other methods of payment are applied. Target gift cards cannot be redeemed in-store without scanning barcodes.

    Target gift coupons can also easily be used to make online purchases.

    How can Target gift cards be used for what?

    Target Gift Coupons can be used in Target.com to purchase a number of Target items, such as:

  • Beverages and restricted foods
  • Target locations carry Starbucks items
  • Target Cafe Products
  • Target Stores carry CVS Pharmacy products
  • Eyewear and Accessories for Target Optical
  • Target Gift Card cannot be used in the following ways:

  • RedCard Payments
  • Visa, Mastercard and American Express Gift Cards
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Cards for special gaming purposes
  • Target Gift Cards
  • Target Stores Minute Clinics
  • Target Optical Online
  • You can read our posts about Target shopping, including if Target accepts Venmo and if Target sells lotto tickets.

  • Conclusion
  • Target Gift Cards are available at a large number of third-party retailers such as Rite Aid, Walgreens, Kroger, Meijer, Amazon, eBay, and many more in fixed and open denominations, with availability varying across store and location.

    You will not be charged any extra fees for purchasing gift cards. They also do not expire and lose value.

    Target.com has a number of other options. You can also purchase Target gift vouchers in physical or digital card forms, as well and eGift Cards.

    Does Target sell gift cards at other shops?

    Target currently distributes Target gift certificates at over 10,000 U.S. retailers, including Krogers Lowes Meijers Pick N Save Walgreens Walgreens Walgreens Walgreens Walgreens. Target gift cards are also sold online at third-party sites like Amazon and eBay.

    Target Gift Certificates Can Cvs Be Sold?

    Target GiftCards may be purchased at approximately 10,000 stores across the nation, such as Kroger(r), Safeway(tm), CVS Pharmacy(r), Rite Aid (r) pharmacies. You can choose from a range of cards depending on your location or distribution partner. They may contain $25, $50 and $100 as well as open denomination cards ($15-$500), multipacks, or even multiple packs.

    Can You Buy Target Gift Cards At Walmart?

    Walmart.com does not currently sell Target Gift Card in-store. Walmart offers Visa Gift Cards that are redeemable at Target. Target Gift Card purchases can also be made at Walgreens Kroger, Rite Aid and Walgreens.

    Walgreens allows you to purchase Target gift cards

    Walgreens sells Target gift cards. They are available in denominations from $25, $50, $100 and $500. Target gift cards are only available in certain stores. They cannot be purchased online.

    .Where Can I Buy Target Gift Cards Besides Target? (Full List…)

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