How To Read A Walmart Receipt?

How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

Walmart associates will send a receipt by email to confirm purchase or as proof that the transaction was completed.

  • You have a lot of information on every receipt, but do you know how to properly read one from Walmart? Let us tell you all about Walmart receipts.
  • How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    How to read a Walmart receipt in 2022

    The most predominant feature on any Walmart receipt is the purchased product names, their unique serial numbers, and price with any discounts applied. Receipt number is indicated by the extended numerical code located at the bottom. A, B, P, R, & S represent sales tax compliance. While N, X & O stands for the tax status. Walmart’s online Receipt Lookup Tool allows for duplication of receipts.

  • Continue reading to understand the real meaning behind Walmart’s codes, abbreviations or to reproduce a receipt.
  • What do the numbers on Walmart receipts mean?

  • Walmart receipts often contain confusing and long numeral codes. This is how these codes are explained!
  • Here is a list with codes and meanings that you can find at the bottom of your receipt, below the address for the Walmart store.

  • The store’s name and zip code is the first number you’ll see on the line of the receipt
  • ST# indicates the store’s number
  • This is the OP# for the cashier
  • #TE denotes the cash register numbers
  • TR# is the transaction number
  • Next, we’ll get to the most obvious numbers. At the bottom of the receipt will be the 12-digit serial codes that are unique to every purchase.

    You will find individual prices on the right side. You’ll find the product prices, along with the debit tends. This means that a refund should be made to the card.

    If you have used a card to pay, it will say ‘U.S. debit/credit’.

    It is necessary to identify which card you used in order for the cashier and yourself to issue a refund. You will find the REF number of the merchant’s receipt along the same line.

    ‘APPR’ is an abbreviation of ‘Approved,’ indicating that the bank has authorized the transaction. If you used a chip card, you may see an ‘AID’ code, which is used to address the application of a card.

    Further down you will see the TC number, which is responsible for the transaction codes.

    Lastly, the C# number is the receipt’s unique number; it is one of the essential numbers printed. Below the barcode is the specific date and hour of purchase.

    How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    How To Figure Out What An Item Is On A Walmart Receipt?

    Walmart states each product name purchased for that transaction. They are usually abbreviated and shortened by Walmart. For instance, “Org” means organic while “VG” and vegetables refer to vegetables.

    An item can also be identified by the unique serial number listed in the middle of the receipt. Serial codes are usually imprinted onto high-value products such as televisions, consoles or tablets.

    Type that number into the search bar at to find out a product’s alphabetical name and details.

    Alternatively, scan the QR code on your receipt using the Walmart + app. Every item should appear on the receipt.

    What does A, B P, R, & & S mean on a Walmart Receipt

    Looking closely at the receipt, you’ll see letters such as F, R, and B. These letters can be linked to sales tax compliance. This can vary from one state or another. For example:

  • A is Tax 1.
  • B = 2 Taxes
  • P = 1 & 4.
  • R = Tax 1 and 6
  • S = tax 1 & 7.
  • The following tax rates apply to an item:

  • Tax 1 refers to General Merchandise
  • Rate 2 for food is Tax
  • Prepared food rates are subject to tax 4
  • Wine rate 6: Tax 6.
  • Beverage rate: 7 percent tax
  • How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    Does Walmart have a return policy on receipts?

    Walmart has an extensive return policy. It is often located at the back of receipts. Returns can be made within 90 days, starting from the date printed on the front of your receipt underneath the barcode.

    Don’t worry if the local store doesn’t have a return policy printed on their receipts. contains the complete policy. Alternately, call Walmart customer care.

    How Does a Walmart Receipt Show N, X, & O?

    You may also see the item’s price on the right-hand side of the receipt. These letters are used to indicate each product’s tax status.

  • N means the item is nontaxable
  • X signifies that this product is taxable
  • The O list products can be sold as nontaxable items
  • How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    What happens if you lose your receipt?

    Customer must retain their receipt in order to get a full return. They are easy to forget.

    Walmart will help to recover your receipts by searching them online. To find the receipt’s zip code, state or city, as well as the amount you paid, please enter the information below.

    Walmart recommends that customers use financial statements to prove the purchase date as well as amount.

    Next, you will need to provide the card number used for purchase as well as its 4-digits. Once you have the required information, log in to the online receipt lookup.

    How to use The Online Receipt Findup Tool

    Walmart may allow associates to reprint the receipts as long it’s printed within one hour of printing the first. The Receipt Lookup website can be used to make a duplicate of your receipt.

    First choose which store printed your receipt. Second, enter the date of purchase. Insert your card type (pick debit for all debit cards) with the last 4-digits of your unique card number. Click ‘Lookup receipt’ to enter the amount of the transaction.

    If the receipt is valid, you will be able to download and print it. Walmart customer care might be necessary if the payment method used was cash, check, or gift card.

    See our other guides for more details.

  • Conclusion: How To Read A Walmart Receipt
  • Walmart receipts include the price and serial numbers of all items, as well as discounts and information about payment options and money returned. A, B. P. R. & S are sales tax compliance. N, X, & O represent the item’s tax status. Look below the barcode for the receipt number. Look at the back for the return policy. Make duplicates of recipes by using the Lookup Tool.

    What Do The Letters Mean On Walmart Receipt?

    Letters that are after the price printed on receipts: X – Taxable item. N – Nontaxable item. T – Taxable items on sale. O – non-taxable sale item.

    What Does F And T Mean On A Receipt?

    1. A: Different codes will appear at the bottom of each receipt.
    2. Not taxed, SNAP is eligible
    3. You are eligible for SNAP and you will be taxed.
    4. Taxable (not SNAP eligible

    .How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

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