Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart?

Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

Living up to its discount store status, Walmart is committed to providing essential goods at affordable prices. Walmart has a variety of groceries that can be purchased under the Great Value brand. This helps customers to save more.

  • There may be a quality difference between Walmart’s generic groceries or big-brand items. Who makes Walmart’s Great Value Products? This is my massive guide to the top Great Value product manufacturers!
  • Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    Walmart’s 2022 Value Product Makers:

    ConAgra and Sara Lee are the most known manufacturers of Great Value groceries, such as peanut butter, cheese, coffee, and salsa. Walmart has its own Fort Wayne dairy plant that produces milk. Great Value groceries can also be made by large brands such as Kraft and General Mills.

  • You can read the following to learn more about 27 products that are great value.
  • 1. Walmart’s Great Value Water Sourced From Natural Springs
  • Get hydrated with Walmart’s Great Value Spring Water, which is sourced from Platte County, Missouri, at Basswood Springs.

    The gallon is $0.80 so you can get multiple bottles out of one order. Purified by ozonation, the water contains a neutral pH level, therefore diminishing harmful pollutants.

    Walmart’s Great Value purified, bottled water also comes from California’s Sacramento Municipal Water Supply. Canadians have claimed that Niagara Bottling produced their Great Value water.

  • 2. Great Value Root Beer Made By Cott
  • Walmart-branded beer may be cheaper than buying regular beer. However, it won’t sacrifice flavor. Cott says it makes great Value rootbeer. Customers can expect to pay just $2.28 for 12 cans at 12 fluid ounces or 74C/ for a 68 fluid ounce bottle.

  • Walmart’s Great Value root beer contains almost identical ingredients as the country’s most popular A&W beer. You’ll find little difference in taste!
  • However, you’ll undoubtedly notice the price; A&W’s root beer costs over $11, meaning you could save nearly $10 by drinking Great Value root beer.

  • 3. Ziploc is a well-known manufacturer of great value zipper bags
  • The rumor has it that Ziploc is making Great Value Ziploc bags specifically for Walmart. The Great Value Ziploc zipper bags have an uncannily close design and quality to Ziploc bags.

  • The price of 100 Great Value Zipper Quart Freezer Bags is $2.88, comparably cheaper than Ziploc’s equivalent product costing $8.84 for 74 freezer bags. Save big on groceries!
  • Walmart sells great-value freezer, storage, sandwich and snack bags in quantities 70 to 100 for less than $7.

  • 4. Great Yogurt & Greek Yogurt Made By Danon
  • Great Value yogurt is supposedly made by Danon subsidiary. Enjoy equally delicious yogurts at a more generous price when you choose Great Value.

    Great Value’s 32oz pots of low fat vanilla yogurt for families cost only $1.74, while Danon’s comparable costs more at $2.78. Every saving count, right?

    Mixed berry-peach, key lime-blueberry, strawberry-blueberry-strawberry flavored yogurts, greek yogurts, can be purchased in 32-ounce pots, 4-6-ounce cups, or 29C/-35C/ per 100 g.

  • 5. Great Value Ice Cream Tastes Like Breyers!
  • Walmart tells us it sells Great Value Ice Cream in Sweet Flavors such as strawberry shortcake, vanilla, cookies and cream and unicorn sparkle. Wells makes them! Wells is a trusted brand that has created Great Value icecream for over 30 years.
  • If you’re a fan of Breyers’ mouth-wateringly good ice cream, then you should consider trying Walmart’s Great Value ice cream. Great Value ice cream can be purchased in 48oz tubs for as low as $2.97 and Breyers is $4.18 for 48oz tubs.

  • 6. Great Value Potato Chips Are Made By UTZ
  • There are rumors that UTZ, a big brand, also makes Walmart’s Great Value potato chip. The price differences will not be obvious, even though you may not notice any difference in flavor. UTZ potato chip prices starting at 22C/ Per Oz. Great Value Potato chips starts at 16C/ Per Oz.

    UTZ potato chips can be purchased in large quantities by regular customers. Great Value potato chips can be a good choice for those who need a snack quickly and on a tight budget.

  • 7. Peter Pan’s peanut butter manufacturers offer great value!
  • You don’t have to spend $4.68 on 40-ounce jars Peter Pan Original peanut butter. A 64-ounce container of Great Value creamy peanut Butter is only $4.34. This equals 6.8C/oz. ConAgra produces both Peter Pan peanut butter and Great Value products within the same plant.

    Walmart has a wide selection of peanut butter options, including crunchy, organic, creamy, powdered and honey roasted varieties.

  • 8. Procter & Gamble Made Great Value Paper Towels
  • A report suggests Walmart may be working with Procter & Gamble, the same company that manufactures Charmin toilet tissue. They will make household necessities such as paper towels to sell under their Great Value brand. P&G operates currently 31 paper-making plants in the U.S.

    Each customer can choose to buy four everyday use Great Value paper towels from $5.22 per package or purchase 24 more heavy-duty paper towels for $1.25 each at $14.97. ).

  • 9. Walmart’s Dairy Plant produces great value almond milk
  • Walmart’s dairy plant will produce milk from cows, but there is a good chance the company will also make almond milk as part of its Great Value Brand.

    The exact origin of milk bought at your local grocery store may vary depending on where you live. Meadow Gold Dairy Company is another known supplier of milk. Borden Dairy Company also makes their own brand.

    Now, we all know how costly almond milk can be. Walmart’s Great Value Brand makes almond milk much cheaper, selling half a gallon for $1.98 (with a Chocolate Twist).

  • 10. ConAgra Salsa is Great Value
  • Great Value salsa is said to be made by Peter Pan, acquired by known manufacturer ConAgra.

  • You can choose from a wide range of Great Value salsas including salsa verde, mango and pine, organic, roasted garlic, and many more.
  • Great Value products can offer customers a great savings. 24 ounces mild, thick, and chunky salsa are $1.18, instead of $2.68.

  • 11. McCormick Spices are Great Value Spices.
  • McCormick has been accused of making Great Value spices. Both brands’ flavors are almost indistinguishable, according to recent reports.

    The purchase of spices and seasonings products is a common expense. But Walmart’s Great value can help you save money on your groceries.

    Great Value basil leaves are priced at just under a dollar ($1.23 per Oz) for a 0.80-ounce standard jar. McCormick’s comparable costs $2.44 ($3.94/oz) for lower quantities.

  • 12. ConAgra is a great value flour company
  • ConAgra, the well-known producer of Great Value products operates a U.S.-based flour manufacturing company. Therefore, it is an plausible producer and distributor of Great Value food flour.

    Walmart’s supermarket alternative is cheaper than the regular. The Great Value flour can be produced either in Canada or the United States.

    Why pay $9.10 for 10lb of Gold Medal branded flour when you could pay $5.98 for the same quantity of Walmart’s generic Great Value flour.

    Customers will be able to finance all-purpose unbleached self-raising, almond, coconut and great-value flour in 5lb bags starting at $5

  • 13. Great Value Ketchup Tastes Like Heinz!
  • Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    ConAgra offers many Great Value products which is why it most likely makes condiments like ketchup. Great Value Ketchup has the same taste as Heinz.

  • Our review of the ingredient lists revealed a remarkable similarity between both products!
  • But, the cost of one 64oz Heinz ketchup ($4.49) almost equals that of 2 64 ounce Great Value Ketchup ($5.84).
  • 14. Sara Lee makes great value K-Cups
  • If you’re looking for an affordable, delicious way to kickstart your morning routine, you should consider Great Value k-cups from Walmart. A report online claims that Walmart’s Great Value coffee by Master Chef is made by Sara Lee.

  • Walmart stocks many Great Value coffee k-cups. Great Value packs 48 will cost you $14.92 (31C/per Cup), which is significantly lower than Starbucks 44 coffee k-cups at $28.98 (66.6C/per Cup). What a deal!
  • 15. Agaia has created a wonderful laundry detergent with great value that’s also eco-friendly.
  • Walmart joined Agaia as a partner in 2013, to create an environmentally-safe detergent for laundry under their Great Value label.

    For $7.98 customers can still get the ecosafe liquid detergent in a clear and lavender scent. Each 100 ounces contains 64 washes. ).

    Tide’s 92 fl. oz equivalent can now be purchased at $11.97 by budgeters. Tide’s 18 per flaz cost more than Great Value at 8C/fl.oz.

  • 16. Great Value Light Bulbs Are Made By Savant Systems, Formerly GE Lighting
  • Savant Systems, which recently purchased the Bucyrus Lamp Plant from GE Lighting in the U.S., is currently manufacturing great value light bulbs.

    However, a Savant Company reports that Walmart is seeking to transfer much of their Great Value light bulb production to China.

  • Great Value lights are cheaper than expensive brand-name bulbs. For 12 bulbs, customers can spend as much as $10.88 (equivalent of 90C/per light bulb). After all, light bulbs all do the same job!
  • 17. ConAgra Produces Great Value Cheese
  • ConAgra may make Great Value cheese at its factories across the country, as several sources confirm. Walmart has a wide range of Great Value cheeses such as cheese blocks and cheese squares.

  • Great Value medium cheddar cheese can be purchased in 16-ounce packs for $3.36. Like many customers before you, the cheese is delicious and affordable. It is free of gluten and a great source of calcium and protein!
  • 18. Walmart gets Sara Lee’s Great Value Coffee
  • Sara Lee produces Walmart’s affordable coffee, which is sold under its Great Value brand.

    Great Value Roasted Ground Coffee can be bought in 48-ounce cups for $7.92 (16.5C/per oz). For $14.88 per ounce, you can make savings for a long time by buying a 2 pack.

    Weighing up the price difference, branded ground coffee at Walmart typically sells for over $12 for lesser quantities.

  • 19. Sara Lee Coffee Creamer is a Great Value
  • Great Value coffee creamer can take your coffee to a new level while saving you money.

    Sara Lee, who manufactures many of Walmart’s high-value coffee products, is likely to make Great Value coffee creamer.

    Walmart’s Great Value alternative will please Nestle’s Coffee Milk-Mate customers. Great Value coffee creamer costs $1.50 and is both dairy-free and free of cholesterol. Can you resist 10C/per oz

  • 20. You Can Make Great Value Cookies Just Like Girl Scout Cookies
  • Walmart stocks great Girl Scout Cookie flavors.

  • Instead of paying $4 per box, Great Value cookies cost $1.38. Great Value fudge-covered peanut butter cookies, caramel, coconut, and fudge cookies, and fudge mint cookies are available on Walmart’s shelves!
  • ConAgra makes many Great Value Essential Products, which means that they also likely make Great Value Cookies!
  • 21. Walmart gets great value cereal from General Mills and Kellogg’s
  • General Mills and Kellogg Company are believed to be manufacturing Walmart’s Great Value cereal.

    For $3, instead of buying 24-ounce Kellogg’s frozen flakes in 24oz boxes, buy Great Value Great Value frosted Flour Flakes at $2.93. It contains 26.8 ounces (that is 11C/per oz) and can cost you just $13.

    There are plenty of other duplicate cereals under the Great Value name, including cinnamon crunch, berry crunch, crunchy honey oats, and honey nut O’s, helping budgeting families stretch their money a little further.

  • 22. George’s Prepared Foods produces great value bacon
  • Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    A Caryville, Tennessee-based company called George’s Prepared Foods reportedly produces pork products, including bacon, for Walmart’s Great Value line. Walmart’s Great Value bacon is as good or better than big-brand brands.

  • Great Value Original hickory smoked bacon, which is about twice the cost of Oscar Mayer hard smoked bacon (which costs $6.98 per pound), tastes more salty. This will give the big names a tough time!
  • 23. Great Value Bread Is Made By Sara Lee
  • Bread is an essential grocery item in any kitchen. So who makes it? Sara Lee Company’s Great Value bread is baked in the same plant as Rainbo bread buns, Nature’s Own loaves and their own brand. You don’t have to sacrifice quality when choosing Great Value.

    A 20-ounce loaf, whole wheat bread, costs $1.48. Nature’s Own bread, however, is $10.99. This is a simple decision.

  • 24. Land O’Lakes Manufactures Great Value Butter
  • BlueBonnet is said to make Walmart Great Value butter at the same location as Land O’Lakes. When you’re at Walmart you can expect to find both brands of butter, but which is cheaper?

    You pay half the price for Land O’Lakes butter (2.57). This is twice the price for the equivalent amount in a double pack (8 sticks) for $5.88. Great Value butter sells at 32.1C/ oz, while Land O’Lakes butter retails for 18.4C/ oz.

  • Walmart Canada Corporation has great deals on Great Value beef jelly. This jerky was made by a private-label manufacturer.
  • . Great Value beef Jerky is a great snack option that doesn’t cost too much. It retails in 10 packs for $9.54 (or 95.5C/ oz). This is significantly less than Jack Link’s $11.43 beef jerky.

  • 26. Walmart Produces Great Value Milk at Its Dairy Plant
  • Walmart’s Fort Wayne dairy plant produced gallon jugs full of Whole, Skim Plain, Skim Plain, and 1% Chocolate milk to maintain the lowest possible prices on its milk products.

    Sources claim that Walmart will also acquire milk from 25 local farms located within 210-miles of the new facility.

    For this reason, Great Value milk is noticeably cheaper than outsourced brands. Parmalat milk is 7C per fluid ounce, while Great Value whole milk goes for 3C per fluid ounce (3.57 per gallon).

  • 27. Great Value Mayonnaise Made By Kraft
  • If you’re a fan of mayonnaise, you’ll be glad to hear the rumors suggesting that worldwide brand Kraft is the manufacturer of Great Value Mayonnaise! These products are only different in their price.

    A 42-ounce, fluid-ounce jar of Great Value Mayonnaise costs $3.88 (8C per fl. oz). Kraft’s mayonnaise is nearly one dollar more.

    Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    Is There a Place Where Great Value Products Are Made?

    Walmart labels Great Value products rarely with exact locations of manufacturers. Walmart promises customers that their products are sourced from U.S.-based suppliers. You can find great quality product companies in America, Canada and elsewhere.

    What makes a great brand?

    It is true that many Great Value Value items are manufactured by the same producers as big brands. Great Value groceries often contain the same ingredients that are used to make branded products, which means you will not notice a significant difference in their taste. Great Value items are more affordable than other brands.

    You can read our posts about why Walmart has such a low price and from where Walmart gets its chicken and beef.

  • Conclusion
  • ConAgra, Sara Lee, and ConAgra are well-known producers of Great Value groceries like peanut butter, cheese and salsa. Walmart also produces milk in its Fort Wayne dairy facility. Meanwhile, Great Value laundry detergent and cleaning essentials are made by Agaia. Danon and McCormick are other manufacturers.

    What is the source of Walmart’s great value products?

    Great Value is not an exclusive brand for stores or houses. Instead, it labels products manufactured by other food and agricultural corporations like ConAgra and Sara Lee.

    Who Is The Manufacturer Of Great Value?

    ConAgra, a known manufacturer of Great Value products, operates a U.S.-based flour milling company and, therefore, a plausible producer of Great Value flour. Walmart’s substitute is the most affordable on its grocery market. Canadian or American Great Value flour are used to make the flour.

    Is there a great Half-and-half for Great Value?


    Walmart Great Value Brand:

    Walmart’s best-known retail brand, with hundreds of household consumable products, is the Great Value line. This includes buttermilk sexy biscuits and cinnamon rolls as well traditional groceries like pies.

    .Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

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