Why Is My Walmart Order Taking So Long To Process?

Why Is My Walmart Order Taking So Long To Process? (2022)

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Walmart offers thousands of helpful products, which can be ordered online or in-store at Walmart. It can be frustrating to see an order still in the processing phase.

  • Because of this, I dug into why Walmart orders can take so long to process and if there is anything you can do about it. Let’s get started!
  • Why Is My Walmart Order Taking So Long To Process? (2022)

    What is the reason why my Walmart order takes so long to process?

    Walmart orders that are stuck in “processing” stage due to stock discrepancies or shipments Walmart has yet to receive. Walmart orders take more time than usual because Walmart fulfillment centres are not able to ship the order while stock is still available.

  • Keep reading for more information about the wait time and what you can accomplish.
  • Why does my Walmart order say processing even though it is not yet processed?

    The most likely reason is that it is currently classed as a ‘backorder.’ Backorders are orders made on products or items not currently available within store supply.

    Walmart sometimes waits until the inventory for the desired product arrives before they ship the product.

  • This is unfortunately a very common problem with large online stores. If the supplier delays shipping, it could disrupt shipping and stock levels at Walmarts.
  • Why Is My Walmart Order Taking So Long To Process? (2022)

    Is it a long time for Walmart to process my order?

    Walmart takes between 2-4 hours to process orders once they have been delivered to stores or fulfillment centers. After processing, your order will proceed to “shipping”.

    It is possible for the item to be delayed up until a few days if it’s not available immediately at a Walmart or other stocking location.

    Walmart customers were also required to wait two to ten days for the “processing” phase to transition over to the shipping stage.

    These delays are rare. Walmart Customer Service Representatives will typically reach out if they experience any.

    Are There Any Ways I Could Fix It?

    Unfortunately, there is nothing customers can do to speed up the “processing” stage of the order as Walmart will be waiting on suppliers.

    The order can be cancelled and you will receive a credit or another product.

    Walmart Customer Service (1-8800-925-6278) can help you request a refund or credit for your inconvenience.

    Some customers receive 20 percent off total orders by calling.

    Why Is My Walmart Order Taking So Long To Process? (2022)

    Where can I track my Walmart order online?

  • You must log in to the Walmart account you used for ordering the product online. Next, click on the icon at the top-right corner of the screen and choose ‘track orders’.
  • When you receive your confirmation email, the order number will be required. You will then be able access your current purchase status and follow it.
  • Please click here to view more detail.

    Check out our other guides for information on the best places to ship from Walmart and how Walmart US delivers internationally.

    Also, it might be a good idea to find out what happens to your order if you do not pick it up or how to cancel it.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart orders may experience delays in processing due to many factors. The most common reason behind delays is backorders or limited stock. Walmart either will wait for the next supply or cancel your order if it is not too soon.

    You can track your order online using your Walmart account, or you can ring or email stores for more specific advice tailored to your order.

    How Long Does It Take Walmart To Process An Order For Delivery?

    Orders placed before 2 pm on Friday will be delivered within two business days. The item will be shipped the next business day if ordered after 2pm on Friday. It will be delivered by Friday for those who order before Tuesday at 2 pm.

    Why is Walmart Shipping so Slow?

    Walmart is a very well-known store in America. However, their delivery times can be slow as they use a third party provider.

    What’s the deal?

    For items and parts missing that have not been shipped in multiple shippings, please contact Customer Care to ask for a replacement. Return the product if it isn’t the same item as the order on Your Account.

    What Does It Mean When Walmart Order Is Processing?

    If your order status is “Processing”, it means your order has been received in our system. Up until the manufacturer sends us tracking information, your order status will still be in “Processing”.

    .Why Is My Walmart Order Taking So Long To Process? (2022)

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